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Thanks and a question

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A very big thanks to all that have made FE2 what it is modded I wont say who for fear of missing someone but thank you all.

Now my question it's regarding the graphics settings in FE2 I have every thing on high is it of any use using the ultimate settings on any thing.

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As far as I'm aware, ultimate/unlimited settings will tax a processor more but won't give any (very) noticeable visual improvement over "high" settings. If you are using my tweaked flightengine ini file that gives wider horizon views, and less tree popping, there will be even less difference between high and unlimited settings.

Another thing to keep in mind, if I remember correctly from some posts I read here a year or two ago, is that unlimited settings might sometimes (rarely?) result in graphical anomalies.

So, medium settings are best for mid-range and low-range rigs, and high settings (with a tweaked flightengine file) should be fine for all high-end rigs. If anyone has more details on the unlimited settings, I'm sure they'll pitch in.

Glad you're enjoying the modded FE2 - it's become my go-to WWI flight sim with all the mods installed.

Happy flying gents',

Von S :flyer:

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I am not sure my experience is helpful, but I use VonS' flightengine settings, have everything set to MAX/UNLIMITED, and get the results shown below (with no weird anomalies). 

I suspect results may depend on your GPU as much as the game engine? 



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