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Southwest (WN) #1380

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Calm professionalism in the midst of tragedy. Kudos to all involved and our deepest sympathies to the family of passenger Jennifer Riordan. 


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helluva good job in a tragic situation




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Wow. So calm over the comms. A part of the plane is missing, someone went out a hole. All spoken like a golf course announcer. She brought the plane home and kept a lot of other people alive. She did a damn good job. (that's an understatement I know). Well it would be interesting to see how Hollywood would jump on this.

Hollywood version: OMG GOD WHAT DO WE DO?! Camera shaking like it's in a tornado. We cut to some passenger having problems with his relationship. He manages to call his SO whom wanted nothing to do with him BUT after the news comes out the SO will suddenly care about his well being, and will stop moving forward with the affair they were having with another person. If the feminist director, decides to even include that, maybe she'll just go ahead and downplay everything every man did and make it seem as if they're clueless, sexist morons. In fact every swinging dick the pilot will encounter will have their worst qualities amplified to such levels the person being portrayed won't even recognize themselves.

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