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Supermarine Skylark F.1 - No.5 & No.11 Squadrons, RAF Fighter Command, 1961

The adoption of the earlier Dassault Mystère IV (licence-built by Supermarine Aviation as the Siskin F.1) encouraged Dassault to offer the forthcoming Super Mystère to the UK Government to meet the RAF's requirement for a Venom replacement for overseas use. However, by mid-1955 the requirement had changed to that for a supersonic interceptor-fighter for RAF Fighter Command to supplement the Hunter F.6 and provide a lead-in to the Mach 2 English Electric Lightning.

By this time the Super Mystère prototype had flown (initially powered by a Rolls Royce Avon RA.7R) and the successful early flight-testing gave the RAF the confidence to quickly draft an official Operational Requirement based around a Super Mystère powered by the proposed Avon RA.21R and armed with 2 x 30mm ADEN cannon. Supermarine were selected to licence-build the Super Mystère at South Marston as the Supermarine Skylark F.1 for RAF Fighter Command and with an initial order for 120 aircraft and soon supplemented with an order for 45 Skylark FR.2's for RAF Germany (carrying centreline Vinten camera pods).

Whilst Dassault quickly moved on to the Mirage family of delta-winged fighters the Skylark was further developed by Supermarine as the FGA.3 fighter-bomber for the RAF and also exported to Finland, India and Saudi Arabia.








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Like it! And like the background "EXPORT" part. Good job on this one Spinners, glad to see you're back posting your ideas.

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1 hour ago, dsawan said:

cool, hoping for a sf2 version.

LOL - it was here for nine years but was incorrectly put in the SF1 section when admins split apart SF1 and SF2 back in the day.

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