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Saab J-29F Tunnen - Irish Air Corps, 1966

In response to an appeal by the United Nations for military support to the UN peacekeeping mission in the Republic of Congo, the Swedish Air Force sent a mixed force of J29B's and S29C's to the region. Mainly used to attack ground targets with cannon and unguided rockets the aircraft served well and no aircraft were lost in action despite facing considerable small arms ground fire. When the UN peacekeeping mission was terminated in May 1964 the Swedish Air Force were considering destroying the aircraft in situ as they were simply no longer needed at home and the cost of retrieving them was high.

However, the Irish Government expressed interest in purchasing the aircraft to supplement their Vampire jets and, via the Swedish Government, approached Saab for costs on repatriation and conversion of the Tunnen's to J29F standard. In June 1964 the Swedish Government granted the Air Board permission to sell eight J29B Tunnan's to Saab for refurbishment to J29F standard and resale to the Irish Air Corps. All eight Tunnan's were delivered to the Irish Air Corps during the Autumn of 1964 and remained in service until 1977 when they were replaced with ex-RAF Germany Lightning F.2A's.






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The Tunnan is a small ugly beautiful aircraft, isn't it? The irish decals give a nice touch of colours. Still flying your Indian one, Spinners, thanks for that!

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have you ever thought of publishing a book? even at one page per type, you'd have a hell of a coffee table book for the alt history, aviation and Strike Fighters crowd.

of course that begs the question: do they still make coffee table books? or even coffee tables?

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