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Flying and fighting in the MiG-19: In conversation with Wg. Cdr. Irfan Masum (Rtd)

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Like most MiG fighters, the ’19 was a rough and ready hotrod. Fast, agile and powerful — it was also ill-equipped, unforgiving and brutal. Armed with three 30-mm cannon and Sidewinder missiles, and the fastest acceleration of its generation, the MiG-19/F-6 of the Pakistan Air Force was flawed but potent. We spoke to Wg. Cdr. Irfan Masum about flying and fighting in the ‘Pack of Roaring Power’. 



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The article has some errors.

The F-86F had not had six 20mm guns. It had six 12,7 mm machine guns.

The MiG-17 was not used during Korea War. It was planed to use the plane by end 1953 with a new rotation of soviet pilots of 64th IAK. But the war was already over at this time.


The MiG-19 was used in East Germany too. There the plane was not loved. Neither by pilots, nor by technicians.

The reliabilty was low. The fuel tanks leaked constantly. Ponts of fuel swam in the airframe and had to removed by towels.

While starting the engines you had to check the direction of the wind first,  otherwise it could happen that only one engine starts, the other not. And, and, and.

The MiG-19 was an nightmare.

But other Air Forces had good experiences with it.

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