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If jets are not your thing, how about bi-planes?

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Like 'em low and slow, 1.6 can accommodate you too:

German B354 -


Czech BH33 -


Italian Cr32 -


French D510 ( I know, not a bi-plane, what ev )


British Demon -


British Fury -


British Gauntlet -


British Gladiator -


German He45 -


German He51 -


Japanese An4 -


Japanese AXH Type H


British Swordfish -


Italian Cr20 -


Japanese Ki-10



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It made me re-load my Western Front theatre which has only a 256x160 tilemap, with targets positioned for multiplayer groundstarts and slow planes.

I loaded the "26-DAW biplanes"  planeset









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Not too bad, that's for taking the time to help me demonstrate the superior abilited of the 1.6 line.

It almost makes one wish for a WWI scenario.


I'm sure everyone, well the SimHQ crowd anyhow, is aware that I am wholeheartedly against turning the best WWII flight sim ever produced into a halfway decent WWI flight sim.

Biggest problem is that none of the WWI models come close to being R/S compliant, with wheels and struts showing through wings and fuselage.

I have solved the problem on the pre-WWII models but I just don't have incentive to tackle all the WWI models.

That's not to say it isn't a lot of fun and I guess if you squint a bit you could see the Red Baron in that B354.



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Says a lot about how some of were bringing pistols and shotguns prior to the ability of firing through the machine gun arc.


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What is also amazing is the evolution of aircraft during the 8 year period from 1938 to 1946.

You can experience this evolution for yourselves if you use the 1.6 development line since we have everything from 150 MPH biplanes to 650 MPH manned rockets.

And speaking of weaponry, we have everything from light machine guns up to X-4 unguided air to air rockets, to Dam Buster bombs, to torpedoes, to naplam.

Sorry no hand grenades.

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That's an impressive list indeed.

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