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Mb-326 questions and assistance requested!

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While I'm still working on the Marcfighters AT-26 Xivante; all skins and decals are done just trying to improve the FM, I've also started looking at the FoxMonter Mb-326. 

I've got several skins and decals in the works, and have some specific questions ..

RAAF - is there more than 2 paint jobs? Checking at ADF serials, there seems to be the euro 2-tone, and a light gray*. What were they painted when first delivered? (mind you, NOT talking about the Fanta-can paint job on the aerobatic team. Not doing that one) Is their original scheme in Natural Metal? 

* following the pattern of the OzMirage DLC, i have camo starting in 73, and the light gray in 67 (start date). I don't think this is right. The DLC M.IIIO started in NM on delivery, just like the ADA versions.

AMI: I have an overall international orange skin, but can't find ANY listing of serial (mm***) numbers or what and how the presentation of the nose numbers are. I don't really know anything about AMI numbering systems. I've seen a few (very few!) pics on the net, but they don't help at all!)

So, any and all help is deeply appriciated!! Thanks in advance!


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I got a feeling it was an overall light/medium Gray scheme, all the pictures I have looked at seem to bear this out,  there only seem to be those 2 types of colour scheme , except for the Roulettes and the  Fanta Can schemes. The all over Gray scheme have some interesting squadron markings with different coloured tails etc and some nice nose art on some as well. I have seen the occasional one in a darker Ocean Gray as well, but not many.


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