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Has anyone gotten SF2 working on vr headsets, especially the Rift? Managed to kludge together something through Virtual Desktop and opentrack, but I'm getting a wierd fisheye effect when looking anywhere that isn't directly forward

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It can be done using VorpX. But there is no functioning profile for SF2, so you have to borrow one from another game. It matters which one you use, and even if you get the right one and set it up as well as can be, it is less than perfect.  Stary is the man that knows how to get it to work. I tried it. The incomplete cockpits are the first obvious flaw: they were designed for you to look past certain view angles, certainly not with a wide view. The cockpits also look bad on the side panels where details were minimal and low resolution textures were used. After seeing VR done right in Aerofly FS2 and mostly right in DCS World as well as working adequately in P3d and X-Plane, I am not going to play SF2 in VR. As it stands, I have a 49-inch 4K tv that makes SF2 look beautiful. So the lack of VR support doesn't really hurt.

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If Stary can't get something working properly, then it can't be done.  :wink:

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