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  1. Has anyone gotten SF2 working on vr headsets, especially the Rift? Managed to kludge together something through Virtual Desktop and opentrack, but I'm getting a wierd fisheye effect when looking anywhere that isn't directly forward
  2. what reshade or texture pack are you using? I can never get my SF2 looking that nice
  3. Apparently, I'm also getting the error with the IJN destroyers included with either the New Guinea or WW2 Formosa terrains. Dunno if that helps narrow down the issue at all
  4. WW2 PTO New Guinea Terrain for SF2

    keep getting a crash when I get within about 2.5 nm of japanese destroyers on anti shipping missions
  5. SF2(NA) WW2 PTO Naval Units

    I'm running into crashes when I get within about 2NM of a warship. Models look to be loaded fine, I can switch to viewing them in the external view fine. Any ideas what's causing the crash?
  6. It's a full 5 install, exe was copied from SF2NA, WWII Nations.ini is installed, and I can see the ships from the external view. and watch them move around and traverse their guns. Still crashes when I get too close
  7. So I'm frankensteining together a PTO install from what's freely available on the CombatAce Donloads section and I've hit a problem. I'm using this ship pack to give myself some naval targets, and while it seems to work great when the mission generates some merchants to kill, whenever I'm given destroyers or something else armed and dangerous I run into a crash. To be more specific, the mission generates, loads, and runs just fine right up until I get within about 2 nautical miles of the ships (according to the HUD), at which point the game instantly crashes. Anyone know how to fix this?
  8. Guns Pak for WW2 Mods Folders

    Wait, there's 2 files listed. Which one do I grab?
  9. I can install mods other people have made, I'm not intimidated by modifying .ini files (unless it's like, a hundred of the things), and I can use the unpacker to extract plane <Airplane>_DATA.ini files. so I'll be conservative and say a 5(?) maybe Looking at the Kokutai campaign, which I think is what baff was talking about, and grabbed the New guinea, P39, P-400, and G3 to test it real quick, and so far everything's working. Also grabbed the P-61 before the DL limit hit me because it's my favorite, even if it means no dogfights till tomorrow evening
  10. Ah, Damn. I saw the DAT thing, but i'm a bit leery of giving them the info they want. Any reccomendations for Pacific theatre stuff, which maps or aircraft are particularly reccomended? I tried searching "WW2" in the files section but it returned no reseults which I know isn't right.
  11. So I started playing SF2 again, and out of curiosity I installed the Continuation war mod. It's been pretty fun so far, so I'm looking to expand into more WW2 stuff, but there don't seem to be a whole lot of campaigns available for download. Does anyone make like, packs for the WWII stuff or do I have to grab everything piecemeal and stitch it together in some sort of frankenmod myself?
  12. Apologies if this is a super newbie question, but how do I find the Aircraft_Data.ini file? I'm trying to apply this to the F-14, but there's only an F-14.ini, which has no [sound] section I can edit, and no sign of an F-14_data.ini. I'm trying to install to a default, unmodded merged install of Strike Fighters 2

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