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I need a little help, I have a problem with the new campaign, how to avoid ground units being located in the center of the settlement, if the settlement is designated as BASEAREA?

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There are two meanings of BaseArea.

The first one: BaseArea is a trigger in campaign. If the ground forces of one side capture the BaseArea, the campaign is won for this side. You find this entry in the Forces header of a campaign_data.ini

BaseArea=Tel Aviv               <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< This


The second meaning is connectes with the ground units

UnitName=IDF 460th Bnei Or "Sons of Light" Armored Brigade
BaseArea=Gevulot   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< This


I think you are asking for the second meaning.

The answer is, that you cant change it in a campaign, because it is connected with the terrain.

The BaseAreas are part of the Strategic Nodes network. If you use existing target areas (for cities, airfields and so on) as strategic nodes the gound units appear exactly in the middle of the traget areas.

To avoid such problems you could create additionally target areas in the terrain_targets.ini which are used only as waypoints for the strategic nodes.





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11 hours ago, Blade said:

Which campaign is it? Stock or user-made?


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7 hours ago, strahi said:


Then my guess is that the basepoints (which are defined in the strategic node section of the campaign's data ini) are directly taken from the position entries in the terrain's target areas.

Here is an example (taken from SF2E).

The city of Dessau is located at 586146.06,568259.31 in the stock GermanyCE terrain. The SF2E campaign data files has two basepoint entries related to Dessau, one is 581000.0, 563000.0 and the other is 605000.0, 579000.0. They differ by several thousand from the terrain position of Dessau. TK did it like this (IMHO) so that ground units would appear several kilometers away from the settlements.

So you do not need further target areas to solve this problem. It is probably enough to slightly change the campaign basepoint positions.

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