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Looking for a performance comparison between several planes

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Hey guys!

My gaming computer had an accident after a power cut, and now it's all borked up. So, I figured that while I'm waiting for it to get fixed so I can play Strike Fighters again, I'd see if I could find some info about the handling and performance of several aircraft I'm interested in trying out. I've included here a short list of airplanes, and I'd like to have anyone with knowledge of them from in-game pipe up and give me some information on how they perform - particularly speed, turning, and climb/dive. Would also be nice to know if they have chaff/flare/ecm/RWR/radar/leading gunsight systems as well. So, with that said, here's the list of aircraft I'd like to know about;

- Mirage IIIC/E

- F-104A/C/G Starfighter

- G.91R3 'Gina'

- Hunter F.58(63)

- F-5A/C Freedom Fighter

- A-4G Skyhawk

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NASA/Dryden used to have performance charts

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Thanks for the help, guys. Do you know of any performance reviews for the Voodoo? I'm thinking I might try it out with the addition of the duper mods.

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