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EAW Tool Pack

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So here is a link to a pack I'm trying to put together of misc tools and other types of eaw files to help someone out.

I plan to have a small readme with every file, and perhaps one day a better readme for most of the files, all depends on the help I recieve and the information out there.
Any feedback on the pack is appreciated.

When I round out most of the problems with the tools and readmes, I intend to upload it to Combat Ace file archives.
If you can take a look at the file , inside and provide any info I should add that would be greate.


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Just a notice, slight update to the tool pack. No need to re download it though unless your after some CDF extractors and other minor changes.
I will be adding more to the pack, but if your gonna re-download it now, could you please offer feedback and provide readmes for some or any tool you know how to use. You can post here or PM me. Thanks.

I also sorted out the CDF extraction tools on the files section of the help site. Reduced the archive count and repacked what I had left.
Note: The Win98 (CDFRW.exe) extractor will not run on 64 bit systems as its a 16bit program.
Other file descriptions added as well.

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Re-uppped, fixed a few things. Added many short readmes.

This tool pack once mature is to be added here at CombatACE. But right now you'll have to get it at mediafire link above in first post!

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Found a WindowsXP CDF Manger(works in Win10), Extractor and such in my pile. I've added that to the tool pack.
Added a bunch of readme's and some more tools to cover other areas of modifying EAW.
I've uploaded and will be uploading updates to the tool pack archive, so give a week to download it again as i may update it several times during a weeks period of time.....and sometimes I upload it several times aswell.

Since i don't know how to use all tools, and neither to newbies, there are tutorials and reference material downloadable from my files section to help you out.
Don't be afraid to look around into the file archives as some documentation is still hidden within some tools I have not posted in the tool pack yet.

Still need help to fill out the readmes if anyoe can help give 1 a description of the tool, and 2 usage, 3 tips and the like to help out and shorten a newbies time using a specific tool.

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Hey, NP.

But with the rate of new help is diminishing and my dream of readmes with the short info they require to be helpful to use, is unlikly. But I'll keep pulgging away and the 3dz model doc and tools related. (found more tools that maybe of some help, if you want to DL and take alook), another week and I should have to take a break, so wait a few days.

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Really? I didnt want to bother you.

But theres some old and new tools in the tool pack, under /3dztools

I have a few readmes with some info, but others I do not.
If you have time go ahead and DL the tool pack to see what im talking about. I've updated it yesterday I think.


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