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I read this thread earlier form the SFP1 database: 



and there's some sort of link there to something in the knowledge base. And I don't know if it'll work or not..

I want to do the exact same thing that the other guy wanted to do. Except with one added hitch: I also want to add a third IRM pylon below/above the other IRM pylons on the F-8.


now, can someone please explain in simple language without any weird jargon-acronymmy thingamajigs to a guy who's completely, utterly new to modding how he can add pylons and things to these planes?


Do I need to re-download blender? Can I use LODViewer instead? What code do I need to insert? What is the current name of that thread in the sfP1 knowledge base, and can I still use it? Is 42 really the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything?





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On 08/09/2019 at 11:45 AM, russouk2004 said:

in that post are links that explain it and how to...


The links won't open. And that's why.


Also, I deeeefinitely don't have 3ds access.

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