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Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF.14

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Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF.14

NF.11 with new two-piece blown canopy rather than the heavy-framed version.
It also had a longer nose giving a length of 51 ft 4 in. Prototype modified
from an NF.11 was first flown 23 October 1953 and was followed by 100
production aircraft built by Armstrong Whitworth for the Royal Air Force.
France: 2 test aircraft were used in a wide variety of experiments,
including radar and missile tests and during the development of Concorde.

What's in:

- a new plane
- 25 RAF, AA skins
- pilot, weapons, sounds
- all planes built serials


- Vetro 2k: original T.7 model
- Yakarov79: nightfigher upgrade, IDF Skins
- paulopanz: skins, decals, srcreens etc


- key 10 canopy open






PS: This ugly bird is the last of night fighter Meteor and the last plane of our complete Meteor line up by Yakarov79. Thank you very much mate!


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Just now, Wilches said:

Fantastic! Thanks! Is the Meteor F.3 already released? 


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