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Eighth Save Illustrates Life-Saving Auto GCAS Technology

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A video from the head-up-display (HUD) of an F-16 illustrates how the Auto GCAS helped save the life of an F-16 student pilot who lost consciousness during a training mission.

The student pilot, training with the Arizona Air National Guard’s 152nd Fighter Squadron, succumb to G-Induced Loss of Consciousness (GLOC) during a high-speed maneuver. As the unconscious pilot’s F-16 careened toward the ground, the Auto GCAS determined that a ground collision was imminent and initiated a fly up maneuver to roll the F-16’s wings level and upright as the pilot regained consciousness and added Gs to the recovery, saving both pilot and plane.

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I think it was already published here (this specific video...) but it's a great system!

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