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  1. I decided to make a post so I can put all my work in one place I hope you okay with that. Okay here is the update of the M978/M977 HEMTT more detail will be added but this is how it looks so far.
  2. update on the MB MK16F, need to work on the UV map and the texture next.
  3. EA18 Growler walkaround

    I found this interesting video and I thought it would be nice video to share with you. Enjoy the show
  4. I am thinking of making the Martin Baker M16F ejection seat for the Rafale, unless we have one, please let me know. If we don't have one, please can you lend a hand finding a blueprint or side photos for the seat. Thanks.
  5. Breaking, first flight for the first two Eurofighter Typhoon for Kuwait Air Force build by Leonardo. The total order is for 28, 22 one seater, and 6 two seats. Eurofighter standard for Kuwait is one of the highest Eurofighter built up to date.
  6. Added some more detail to the Qarata Rafale texture (Thanks to @compufat )
  7. Completed the new pilot ladder for the C model and B next to will be the UV mapping and texturing.
  8. Work on progress Fixed the cockpit to almost the correct size
  9. Try using the windoes file compatibility mode and set the 3ds max .exe to windows 7 that is the only thing I can think of.
  10. I will be working on JAT81500 amazing Dassault Rafale model to add some minor improvement to bring it to my last release standard of the Typhoon. I am really honored to be working on the Rafale model that wad made by our talented friend JAT81500 and his amazing model. I will be learning a lot from JAT81500 work. Also I would like to thank ravenclaw_007 for helping me get the 3ds Max files.
  11. Unfortunately the exporter plugin only work with the 32bit
  12. That two I just remembered lol 😆 thanks for the link 🔗 @Jimbib
  13. Hello swambast, I am happy to see you back, I have been running 3ds Max 2009 on both Windows 10 and 11 and they work just fine. One problem you may face when you right click the mouse some time the screen freeze and the olny way to get it back to normal is to click on the lower windows 10 or 11 right corner to minimize twice and you are all set. aside of that there is no issue with me.
  14. Just updated the Typhoon model, and the file waiting for approval. Virgin 1.1 Minor fix in 3ds Max for the LOD file fixing the textures setting and changes made to the Specular/Glossiness/Reflection Big thanks to bazillius for his help understanding more things for setting up the material in 3ds Max for jets.
  15. Kfir-C2 _Ecuadorian Air Force

    Thank you for another excellent addition.
  16. Yes I have two model in my list and I am still collecting data. No, but some one (forum members) doing an amazing job with some civil ship coming maybe soon.
  17. JAT81500 facebook account.

    Please if any one have @JAT81500facebook account can you please send it to me. Thanks

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