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Cutting Board Computer

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My new cutting board computer.

I needed a test motherboard.  A motherboard became available.  A few rubber spacer, a few wood screws and voila, a cutting board test board.


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Only thing I would say is the case ground is missing which grounds all the components back to through A/C adapter lead. Just be careful not to give it a static electric shock. For test purposes though it's keen and I'm sure the wife won't miss the cutting board especially if she's like my wife. My wife can burn instant oatmeal, cutting boards are foreign objects to her. Bless her heart.

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You are right.   It is useless to someone who has no use for it, but I built it with a specific purpose in mind.

I use it for testing computer parts.  It's a test board.  Quite easy to get to any area I need on it.

And it does attract attention when it's hanging on the wall when not being used.


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