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I have the beta run edition, I haven't played for quite a while, out of town, but there was a massive update last night which INCLUDED THE SU-27! I thought, how cool, they gave me a plane for some reason (the original LOMAC came with the Flanker). I flew it around a bit but it was too late at night to start learning a new plane from a country that doesn't know what letters are. Anyway, tonight I loaded the game, ready do take some gravity lessons when the message pops up, YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO HAVE THE SU-27, GIVE US THE KEY, OR IT WILL BE REMOVED. Of course, I don't have a key, because they gave it to me, but now, WTF? was it a weekend trial? I didn't see any trial free weekend info. Bummer, even though I don't even fly the Frogfoot, it would be cool to have it anyway.

Thanks for listening to my vent.



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It turns out it was for a limited time, but the loader still sees it and makes me click stuff. F-14 locks straight up. so the next 30 days learning how to lock MRMs with my bought Falcon is gonna be a hassle.

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