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Jet Provost.7Z

Freeware FS2002 \FSX model adapted by me Russouk2004
This model is NOT to be uploaded to ANY site apart from here at CombatAce.com.
This model isnt brilliant but ive spent a long while fixing bits ,remaking bits,altering mapping that used sub objects(more than 1 texture per mesh) as game doesnt support it.
I will upload a base texture with wireframe and labelled parts in day or so...as I couldnt find any templates anywhere..and I did look...ages....

Original model by Rick Piper....

Despite some of the the original readme wording quoted bottom,...this model IS allowed to be shared as its now 100% Freeware,though obvioulsy some rules apply...no back engineering to use parts for something else....just sensible usage.
Only fair use and NON commercial use is ALLOWED...

Model used is not bad,and as I pointed out,took a lot to sort it for SF2 usage...had basically to stitch the meshes together,even polys....
Also included are..

Pilot and Copilot model...
Correct seat...
Low poly Distance LOD
Also LOD for those who dont want self illuminated lights...(nav lights and nose light) just replace as required.

Uses Starys Cockpit for the Saab 105,minus few parts I "removed" with ini dance...

I added some of its performance characteristics where I was able to,limited by my knowledge of the flight data in SF2 lol...
anyone wishing to better its flight data go ahead...
Lights arent perfect so feel free to fiddle with them...if you desire.and share results

This model has no weapons as its a trainer....if required I can knock up some pylons as later versions did have some before it became the Full Strikemaster version.

any bugs let me know ASAP at CA.....enjoy the A\C and hopefully it well get upgraded....

usual routine....drop folders into Mod folder and appropriate sub folders.


original creators credits....
original pilots.......Rick Piper (2004)
original Provost ......Rick Piper (2004)

........................ORIGINAL README..........................


The included files have been tested and have been determined not to be harmful.
However, the authors are not responsible for any direct, consequential or indirect damage these files may cause to you and your computer. Use entirely at your own risk.

Any gauge provided with this panel can not be used in another panel without the permission of its author.

This is FREEWARE. These files are strictly for your own personal, non-commercial use.  Any redistribution, repackaging or reselling of these files in any form is expressly prohibited without the permission of the authors.



Edited by russouk2004
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due to requests this will be up soon as soon as got few bits sorted....will not be comprehensive SM but basic and hopefully usable lol...



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update to Provosts and an extra package uploaded...awaiting approval :biggrin:

Edited by russouk2004
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