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For some time already I have been working on KC-10 tanker.  I think I have started this project in 2017. But as expected I can easily find interest in other projects, so this one was not so top priority. Recently - accidentally I have opened a folder named DC/KC-10. And I faced a dilemma to do or not to do...now. So I decided to put it on another hiatus.

But hey...there might be some other option. 

The model is not 100% finished.  I still need to model front gear (on the picture below there is front gear visible - but this is just resized copy of central gear.)  and crew cockpit and some small bits. The overall model is animated and mostly UVW mapped. I think only the refueling boom needs to be mapped. 

What I am looking for?

Someone - person or team of CA users who will do some skinning work. I can provide with lod and UVW layout. Of course, lod viewer might be helpful.  From my own experience, I know that sometimes UVW mapping needs to be changed during the process of creating a skin. This is not an issue. Even if for now I have no intention to focus on this model I might still have a chance to do some changes if necessary. As you can imagine model is quite big, but not huge. Model is UVW mapped on 6 bitmap sheets. SO we can expect some quite reasonable and decent level of detail. If you know my previous work you should know what to expect (and what I expect) from the skin. Generally, this is a tedious job to paint panel lines, rivets, details, etc. But we are not gonna count rivets. But a decent level of detail is possible.

We do not need to create skins for countries, air forces and all that stuff.  First good base skin needs to be created. All colorful work, decals, users, etc is a song of the future. 

Time here is not an essence so time schedule is quite flexible. No need to hurry. But If you want new KC-10 in-game..then some work needs to be done. Somehow, someday. Maybe skin will be done while I will not have a chance to work on the model...but still, this is progress. 

I do not expect that crazy mob will run toward this project...as this is just a useless tanker. But maybe someone would like to gain some skills - as I point this message mostly to young users here at CA. Here is your chance to start to do some modding. 

Of course, you will need to have gimp, photoshop or similar graphic editor. And of course, the will to participate in this project is needed. I do not want to force someone to do that or put pressure. 

I can provide reference photos, tips and general support. Perhaps some other reference would need to be researched. 

Another thing is that I never (yet) exported this model into the game - so some data.ini work is needed also. 




And here is a sample of layouts. 





I know that you old farts CA modders are quite busy with your own projects. But as I said before I am hoping that some new users will have a will to participate. 

Anyway. We will see.

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cough cough nudge nudge

i'm wrapping up B-1s for now (SAC era complete, just gotta finish research on 14 in ANG service and knock them out) and KC-10 was on my improve list for this SAC Twilight thing i got going on. done by Sunday and off to testers if RL cooperates (dang if we arent supposed to stay indoors now).

$0.02 thrown in

even if your still looking for new blood for the base skin, the decals set up for the old one should do with minimal adjustment (depends on how the windows and doors are on model really). would save a lot of time for both the tanker versions and airliner versions later on.

also to any and all who might tackle big girl here (me included): i wouldnt worry about the rivets themselves. tried it on the C-5 years ago. on something this big irl, the rivets would have to be the diameter of Whoppers to be visible at any realistic distance

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18 hours ago, daddyairplanes said:

tried it on the C-5 years ago.

C-5 has terrible mapping. And the whole aicraft is mapped on one bmp sheet.  Which is crap.  Even TW mapped small/big aircraft on a few sheets and this gives you more possibilities vide skins for TW soviet bombers...even in 512x512 they still look quite ok

So creating base skins that we have 6 sheets for this model in at least 4096x4096 is crucial..Later skin can be resized down to the desired format.

For comparison, C-5 is 75meters length on two 2048x2048   KC-10 is 55 meters on six sheets....uvw mapping is simply more efficient. 

other thing is if aircraft is mapped on three  4096x4096 bitmaps it will have better frame rate performance in game than aircraft mapped on ONE 4096x4096.

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all of which is true, but individual rivets would still be big in scale to be seen in game.

offer on decals is still open (all 59 serials, unit markings, nosearts). the tgas wouldnt change up just need to redo the ini's

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Doing from Scratch would be too much for me, but if a Basic temp is done, i can help painting...

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On 3/19/2020 at 7:25 PM, yakarov79 said:

other thing is if aircraft is mapped on three  4096x4096 bitmaps it will have better frame rate performance in game than aircraft mapped on ONE 4096x4096.

Sorry Yakarov79, this caught my eye, can you please explain?, I'm curious as to why this would be the case.


great looking model BTW!:good:

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