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Can Anyone help me..?After installing Su-35 mod in WOE,i cant get the Russian Weapons like R-77,R-73 even if i v already installed latest weapon pack,this case only happens with su-35,but in Mig-35 or Mig-29 mod i can get Those Russian Weapons like R-27,R-77 ETC..

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    • By MiG85
      Hi Guys
      I used to play WOV with many "column5" aircraft some years ago. Now I reinstalled it on my Win10 PC (thanks to the guide from this forum) but I realised, that the old column5 website doesn´t exist anymore?!?
      I´m searching some of their aircraft (or better versions) for my WOV:
      Mig 21 + Mig 29 both in NVA (East German Army) livery
      F5 Tiger preferably in the black Top Gun "Mig 28" livery
      F-14 preferably in the Top Gun livery
      It would be very nice if someone could help me?
      Thanks and happy landings!
    • By Anshuman
      Where can i get a mod for Hal Tejas. any suggestion.
    • By ONI
      i need help !!
      hi guys, i have Strike fighters Project one and SF2 sims, but both have problems...
      SF1 then i end a mission, the game close without error or anything (renders correctly)
      SF2 ground rendering problems (the terrain disapears or renders over the aircraft, hiding it (i dont have crash or anything, only render problems)
      my computer is a lenovo thinkcentre m70e
      WIN 7 sp1
      4gb Ram
      3.2ghz Intel 5800 processor
      Intel g41 express chipset (i know, its a crap)
      what can i do for repair at least one of this sims ?

    • By GKABS
      This is created by Devin Horner many thank for all his videos you can see more videos at his YouTube channel

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