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  1. Well its just the nature of Art i guess people work over it be proud your legacy lives on
  2. ODS Warbirds: F-15C\D\E Eagle ODS30 Squadrons

    Maybe the updated F15s from recent ODS?
  3. Maybe if a lod could be extracted then placed in the mod folder? Still would need to figure out how to access and extract LOD in cat file
  4. Why do LODS need to be done at multiple distances? I not much of a 3D design dude but i have once worked with CAD a bit why cant it just take almost like screenshots from varying distances with same file?
  5. Im not sure about the speed indicator but for the fuel its a scale thing which is set to 0.1 scale for internal. If you want the total on in pure lbs number then set the scale to 1.0 but remember the internal fuel indicator only has 4 numbers available
  6. Debug View for Strike Fighters 2

    Version 1.0.0


    Allows you to see Debug View in game Useful for missile testing and aircraft Simply paste into your Flight Mod folder Thanks to Mue for pointing it out to me!
  7. Hi guys I wanted to know if the game measures IAS or TAS speed for planes or even both and if weapons speed is also IAS? Also i wanted to know what the game factors IAS does it account for temperature and compression or simply by altitude? I am aware some aircraft could display both but im talking the game display on the lower left corner
  8. Maybe we should make a list of all valid mission types for all aircraft
  9. Thanks I was wondering atleast if we can use the default LOD files for mod aircraft in our personal games So for example if i typed the base lod files into the ini files would it work?
  10. I was wondering if there was a way to access default game LOD files?
  11. Air Density in Game?

    Well speed i obviously know Same with the coefficient Area is in the data too The test is done at Sea level Sustained Accel can give us drag force by having the same effect as terminal velocity would by maintaining mach 3
  12. Air Density in Game?

    Yeah i made some mistakes But even corrected it doesnt make sense in the opposite direction
  13. So i did some testing with some Missiles and wanted to calculate Air density And this is what i got which seems really wrong but at the same time i did in game testing For context IRL air density usually is around 1.225kg/m3 at Sea level at 15C with normal humidity and pressure Now that either means SF2 Air density is scuffed, Im doing something wrong or SF2 might model air compression from flying?
  14. Iowa class battleship update

    Had to fix ship crashing the game when it sinks by removing some radars Here for anyone who wants the fix Iowa80s_DATA.ini

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