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Your tutorial about

Remove light\ dark edges between meshes like gear doors etc

was a godsend; I've finally got the shading right on the engine doors of the NF-5a!!  Excellent find!!!

Before .. ugly as F****uglyasfck.thumb.jpg.960b2da8bebdd3bc53ec601b9bada84b.jpg

After the edit normals modifier "Now you see them .."5f19ffd3761b9_Nowyouseethem.thumb.jpg.91cbc4b980e628b0be21238530a4a6be.jpg

Now you don't..5f19fffe05212_Nowyoudonot.thumb.jpg.5e7387c479d28a96f487d4401573bd02.jpg


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Yep its a good tool....ive started redoing stuff with it like hawk etc....always annoyed me the time taken to do a clean model and shitty shading from normals screws it...not now eh lol.

also saves having to meshsmooth a local area around doors etc,to get a smooth transition between edges.

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If you don't mind gentlemen I would like to share this video that further explanation edit normals modifier.


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