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HOTAS options

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Decided to finally take the plunge and buy a Warthog as I plan on getting into DCS, I've been holding off for years as I simply haven't had the time. The one upshot to the events of this year is that working from home has given me back two+ hours a day that I'm no longer losing going to/from the office.

On looking into it I now assume the Warthog has gone out of production as prices online are starting to get silly, up to £1400.00 in places for both the throttle and the stick. Sod that, my tight fisted inner Scotsman is coming through, £1400 is about 3x what they cost just a year or two back.

I had thought that perhaps Thrustmaster were going to come out with a new throttle when they announced the F/A-18 grip a year or two back, suppose that's not likely given how long has now passed. Also seems odd that they'd release the new grip standalone when the required accessories to make it usable are seemingly no longer commonly available.

I've looked into other options such as Virpl (https://virpil-controls.eu/), their throttle set up seems the best bet as a a successor to the Warthog, F-14 grip is also tempting if I'm honest since I plan on spending most of my time in Tomcats and Hornets.

Unless there's something coming round the corner I'm not aware of then its a toss up between forking out over the odds for a Warthog, gambling on second hand or Virpl's offering.

Think I'm leaning towards Virpl but could be swayed, any thoughts gentlemen?


** side note: I already have an old HOTAS Cougar but I've never been able to get the damned thing to talk to Windows 7 or beyond, shame really as it would be perfect for the Viper module.

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looks like in december 03 the HOTAS Warthog will be available againe including the throttle for about 450 Euro´s , at least here in germany


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On 10/20/2020 at 2:08 PM, MigBuster said:

I got mine direct from Thrustmaster in August.....looks like you may need to wait to the end of the month for more.....demand was possibly pushed up by Covid and MSFS2020.



The Cougar stick should work on the Warthog base. 


Guess that makes sense, re. a Covid related spike in demand. If that's the case I've waited years already so a few more weeks wont kill me.

For the Cougar unfortunately it was more the throttle than the stick that I was interested in getting to work, gave up tinkering with it about a year back, windows just refuses to recognize it.

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