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Sean Connery and the Story of the 007 MiG-21 Defection

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The death of the actor Sean Connery at the age of 90 this weekend saw accolades from across the worlds of cinema, celebrity, politics, and more. Among those acknowledgments of Connery’s passing was an intriguing photo posted on the Israeli Air Force’s Twitter feed, which showed the late actor posing alongside a MiG-21 with the number “007” painted on the side, a reference to the fictional British super-spy James Bond, who the movie star had played in multiple films. The story of how the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad brought this Iraqi jet back to Israel is an extraordinary one, the result of an intelligence coup that could itself have been lifted straight from a Bond movie.

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Some years earlier the CIA tried to "buy" an east german pilot to fly a MiG-21F-13 into the west. The americans faild to do the job, their agents were catched by east german antispionage. The Mossad made a better job.

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