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A.I. loadout.ini matter

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I have question if you please. If I add, in plane's data.ini a specific A.I. mission type, among the others that a plane already  has, should I write down, separately, in plane's loadout.ini what weapons will it load for it ? I guess I have to. What syntax do I must use in front/header of the respective section ? An example would be enough I guess.  Should I add anything else, in other files/sections etc ? Thank you!

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Take a look into the F-4E/Hornet/Strike Eagle loadout inis, they have most mission types covered.
For nation specific loadouts / loadout changes by service year,  the TW Hunters are a starting point,
and some of the F-4's as well (iirc)

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Loadout ini is very useful thingie that can bring very individual loadouts for year/month/country/etc etc...

You just need to follow a scheme for correct ini entries.

DefaultFor=INTERCEPT, CAP, SWEEP, ESCORT, CAS, ARMED_RECON, SEAD, Anti_Radar, STRIKE, ANTI_SHIP, ESCORT_JAMMER...etc... any other mission type

StartDefaultDate=1988 or month/day/year example 4/19/2021
Nation=USMC,USN,Soviet,USAF etc etc any country...



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