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Dassault Mirage IIIEG - 341 Mira, Hellenic Air Force, 1989

When Greece signed a contract for 40 Dassault Mirage 2000's in July 1985 Dassault cannily offered the Greek Government 12 ex- Armee de l'Air Mirage IIIE's to assist with the conversion to the delta-winged 2000C which led to a further order for 20 Mirage 2000's in February 1990. Entering service with 341 Mira in March 1987 the Mirage IIIEG's served until 1996.












Skin Credit: FLT and Diabolico

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Love it! 

A Mirage IIIE ground attack a/c with Super 530F capability! I guess it should have an upgraded radar to carry this missile! The interesting part is that Hellenic M2000s carried Super 530Ds from the mid 90s so the IIIEGs would have BVR capability years before the M2k!

Waiting for release!

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1 hour ago, dsawan said:

cool begging for a standalone release!

Not on this one mate. I've moved on to something else.

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