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Hello fellow FE2-ers,

Just a quick note for those running FE2 on Intel-based Macs (either in a WINE program or directly in Win7, 8.1, 10, etc. in Bootcamp) -- that you might find the info. in the following post (regarding WOFF/WOTR and the latest M1, ARM-based Macs) helpful. In short, for now - recommended is to keep flying FE2 only on Intel-based Macs, in versions of Windows no later than Win10.

No guarantees at this point that Win11 can be effectively "shoehorned" onto Intel-Mac hardware, nor any guarantees as to how well FE2 may run in Win11, if at all.

Furthermore, the latest ARM-based Macs only support ARM-based vers. (not the x64 branch) of Win11, and only via virtualization (no direct bare-metal Win11/ARM installs available for latest Macs so far -- the point is ultimately an irrelevant one I suppose since FE2 will never be "translated" to run as an ARM-based application anyway -- and I doubt that it would run stably using the x86/x64 virtualization layer that is found inside ARM-based Win11 installs anyway).

Happy flying all,

Von S :smile:

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    • By Viper63a
      Has anyone tried SF2 on Windows11, has this already been discussed and put to bed? Or will it be a raging topic or a nothing-burger...? I am about to pull the trigger on Windows11 and of course I stop here first for advise...
    • By VonS
      Hi All,
      Have now posted my ReShade preset file for FE2 (and SF2) in the following post located under the FM Tweaks Package thread:
      See below for examples of before/after pics. with stock shaders and improved shaders loaded in FE2 (the preset was tested in ver. 4.9.1 of ReShade). Was never able to get the ENB Series shaders files working in FE2, or even SweetFX for that matter - but this (later) version of ReShade works great. More details/info. included in the "Read Me" file that comes with the zipped download package.
      I think that the sun/color effects are now a little bit closer to the (realistic) tweaks that Geezer mentioned, a few yrs. back, in one of the threads here - regarding improved lighting and various color effects in FE2. Loading a preset file via ReShade is of course simpler than manually tweaking the environsys.ini file in FE2. The other good thing about these improved shaders is slightly smoother anti-aliasing effects too than in stock configuration. Also, no negative effect on FPS with these shaders loaded and that I was able to observe.
      Happy flying all,
      Von S 
      Example One - Stock Shaders in FE2

      Example One - Improved Shaders Loaded in FE2

      Example Two - Stock Shaders in FE2

      Example Two - Improved Shaders Loaded in FE2

    • By VonS
      INSTALLING WOFF BHAH 2 IN (CLASSIC) WINESKIN ON A MAC AND/OR THEN TRANSPLANTING THE ENTIRE INSTALL TO WINDOWS 10 BOOTCAMP (info. added May 3, 2021)   Directions below should be followed, first to install WOFF BH&H 2 in WineSkin on a Mac, and then (optionally) to transplant the OBDSoftware\WOFF folder to Windows 10 in Bootcamp. This will allow for a BH&H 2 install to co-exist with previous WOFF installs in Windows, and also makes use of the same settings/keys file, to minimize installation and tweaking hassle for us Mac-heads.   The steps below assume that you already have an older version of WOFF running in WineSkin on your Mac - because such an older install in WineSkin is necessary to have for the full installation, and testing, of BH&H 2, to complete itself (otherwise the install will fail). These steps also assume that you are familiar with the installation steps, instructions, jargon, etc., located under the long WOFF-on-a-Mac post that is available under the WOFF threads on SimHQ.   (Those who do not have a previous version of WOFF installed in classic WineSkin, which is necessary for all of the steps below to be completed, are recommended instead to try either a direct install of BH&H 2 in Win10 on the Bootcamp side/partition of a Mac, or to try installing BH&H 2 into newer WINE wrappers available via the unofficial and newer WineSkin fork available at https://github.com/Gcenx/WineskinServer.)   STEP ONE: go to https://sourceforge.net/projects/wineskin/ and download the latest classic, wineskin winery (ver. 1.7 as of this writing), via the green "download" button there   STEP TWO: double-click on the program; in the menu that opens click on the plus sign to the left of "new engines available," and in the list that then opens choose WS9Wine1.7.7, download it, and then - when you're back in the main menu - choose "create new blank wrapper" (now wait about 3-4 minutes for your Mac to make the custom wrapper; once finished, the wrapper will be placed in an Applications folder that has been made inside your user folder on OS X and/or macOS)   STEP THREE: double-click on the wrapper once again and choose "install software" in the main menu; then "choose setup executable" in the next window that opens and locate your exe file for WOFF BH&H 2 that you purchased; now let the wrapper do its thing to install the game   STEP FOUR: once installed, the wrapper will go back to the main menu and you can click "quit" (it may also prompt you to locate the program before it drops to the main menu, the program in this case being the exe file of the game that was just installed - best thing at this point is just to leave this alone and close that window, if it doesn't drop to the main menu automatically)   STEP FIVE: once the wrapper has quit, don't double-click on it but "right-click" it and choose the option in the popup menu on OS X and/or macOS that says "show package contents" (this will open the wrapper's folder and should list something like a contents folder, the alias to its c drive, and an app/icon called WineSkin); double-click on the app named WineSkin and you will open the main menu window again, of the wrapper; and choose "advanced"   STEP SIX: under the advanced menu, to the right of the box called Windows EXE (that contains a file path), click on "Browse"; this will open up your finder on OS X and/or macOS, and then you can scroll to your desktop or downloads folder on your Mac; look for the latest patch for WOFF BH&H 2 that you should have downloaded separately, from the official WOFF website, and choose that updater exe installer (click "choose"); then you're back in the WineSkin advanced menu with the proper file path for the update patch's exe now listed in the box near the top of the window; now quit that WineSkin preferences window and go back to the main WineSkin app that you previously created - and then double-click on the main WineSkin app icon so that a window opens and which will allow for an installation of the latest update patch to happen (follow directions that pop up in the relevant window, to install the WOFF BH&H 2 update patch); once the process has completed, quit the main WineSkin program again, if it does not close automatically   STEP SEVEN: right-click on the main WineSkin wrapper once again, choose "show package contents," and then double-click once more on that secondary WineSkin icon/wrapper mentioned in STEP FIVE above; under its "advanced" menu, to the right of the box called Windows EXE (that contains a file path), click on "Browse"; this will open up your finder on OS X and/or macOS, and then you can scroll into the "drive_c" of the wrapper into which you installed WOFF BH&H 2 and then patched it to its latest version; in "drive_c" look for "OBDSoftware\WOFF" and scroll into there, and keep scrolling until you find "WOFF.exe," and choose that (click "choose"); then you're back in the WineSkin advanced menu with the proper file path for the game's exe now listed in the box near the top of the window; now close that secondary WineSkin wrapper window   STEP EIGHT: copy or move the now updated OBDSoftware\WOFF folder that resides in that WineSkin wrapper to your desktop; the WOFF folder is found by right-clicking on the main WineSkin wrapper and choosing "show package contents"; the package is located within the "drive_c" folder, by the way   STEP NINE: now locate the WineSkin wrapper for your earlier edition of WOFF, double-click on it and select "show package contents," and navigate to the relevant "drive_c" directory to locate the OBDSoftware\WOFF folder that corresponds with that older variant of WOFF; rename that folder to something like OBDSoftwareOld\WOFF and move it to your desktop; now copy over, to that location instead, the fresh OBDSoftware\WOFF folder that corresponds with BH&H 2, from your desktop   STEP TEN: copy and replace the OBDSoftware\WOFF\OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields\campaigns\CampaignData\Pilots folder in your fresh BH&H 2 folder (that should be in the older WineSkin wrapper by now, as explained in the previous step) with the same folder from OBDSoftwareOld\WOFF that is now on your desktop (this is an important step; otherwise, BH&H 2 will not open in WineSkin unless this older Pilots folder transplant is done)   STEP ELEVEN: now close all unnecessary WineSkin windows and double-click the main WineSkin wrapper icon for your earlier edition of WOFF but that now contains the newer OBDSoftware\WOFF folder with the transplanted CampaignData\Pilots folder; allow BH&H 2 to open; recommended is to fly one quick combat mission or one of the other instant missions available, to allow all necessary files to populate successfully in your install; congratulations!, you now have a successful WOFF BH&H 2 install running in (classic) WineSkin; you may now quit WOFF BH&H 2   STEP TWELVE: optional at this point, if you like, is to copy the now functioning and tested WOFF folder that resides in your BH&H 2 WineSkin install (the one located at OBDSoftware\WOFF), to a Windows 10 partition on your Mac, or perhaps to another Mac (or Windows machine) where you already have an older version of WOFF installed; there will be no need to un-install that older version of WOFF that resides in Windows; simply rename that older version to something like WOFF UE or WOFF PE, in order to run BH&H 2; if you want to run the older version of WOFF again, rename the newest WOFF folder to something like WOFF BH2, and the older one simply to WOFF, and the old version then becomes functional; both installs will coexist happily, and will also use the same keys/settings located under AppData\Roaming\OBD_Games\OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields (recommended, however, is to map extra keys for Lewis gun loading/reloading into the older WOFFKeys.xca file that you have, for full, functional use of that gun in BH&H 2)   NOTES: Don't forget to swap back your older OBDSoftware\WOFF folder into your WineSkin WOFF wrapper, on your Mac, if you will not be running BH&H 2 in WineSkin but only in Windows; or, make a copy of your functional WineSkin install instead, place the older WOFF folder into that wrapper, and enjoy running multiple versions of WOFF that way too, directly in OS X/macOS (recommended is to give the multiple WineSkin wrappers different names, to avoid confusion, if you choose such a setup); no guarantees that the instructions posted above will result in a stable install of WOFF BH&H 2 on your Mac, but there is a fine chance that careful following of the instructions will result in a good install   TIP: I recommend loading my "FrankenBHAH Enhancement Package" in WOFF BH&H 2 on Macs. It is JSGME-friendly and improves FPS via my FrankenMiniTuner, among various other improvements worked on in FrankenWOFF 4.18. Please see the "Read Me" file included in the package for more info. The link to the package is (https://combatace.com/forums/topic/92320-fm-tweaks-for-woffuepe/?tab=comments#comment-783155). Also, if loading Reshade and perhaps my shaders preset file for WOFF, in BH&H 2, recommended is to set NoMultisampling to a value of 1 in the two d3d8 configuration files that are included in the package, located under WOFFScenery\Shaders and OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields.   ----- ADDENDUM: WOFF BHAH2 BOTTLING (Brief Illustrated Tutorial; info. added May 4, 2021)
      Please find included below some tutorial pics. for how to install/extract WOFF BH&H2 into an empty WineSkin bottler that should first be optimized for WOFF BH&H2 bottling and that runs well on Mac OS X versions 10.5 to 10.12 (for macOS versions 10.13 and higher, recommended instead is to see the unofficial WineSkin port for Macs at https://github.com/Gcenx/WineskinServer). Bottler not supplied for download here; recommended is to make your own either via classic WineSkin, and then to install BH&H2 as specified in the pics. below, or to install/bottle via a newer WineSkin as per the link given immediately above.
      The "BH&H2 Bottler" in my case, on my Mac Mini, has been set to Windows 7 compatibility, with WINE Wrapper version 2.6.2, and WINE Engine WS9WINE1.7.7. No WineTricks have been installed because this wrapper ONLY installs WOFF BH&H2, and individual patches for BH&H2, into ready and transportable form, but does not serve up a functional, running BH&H2 install within the wrapper itself.
      To set up a functional, running install of BH&H2, proceed to look carefully over the final illustrated instruction set provided below, and as well do read over the more thorough installation directions located under this relevant WOFF-on-Mac post (above) or the longer one on SimHQ that also covers installation info. regarding WOFF UE/PE before focusing on BH&H2.
      NOTE: Successful transporting of a functional, running install of BH&H2 onto a Win10 partition on your Mac (should you choose not to run BH&H2 in WineSkin) - requires that you also, already have an older version of WOFF installed on the Win10 partition/drive, since that older version has created the necessary Windows registry files for WOFF, as well as other necessary folders that contain keyboard/joystick customizations for WOFF, etc.
      Happy bottling, transporting, and flying of WOFF BH&H2,
      Von S 
      Classic WineSkin Main Window - Use "Install Software" button to install BH&H2 and all relevant update patches

      Right-Click Maneuver - After BH&H2 has been installed and patched, right-click and choose "Show Package Contents," to display directories

      Navigating to C Drive - Double-click on the "drive_c" alias to enter the c drive main level directory

      Locating the "OBDSoftware" Folder - The relevant folder will be located inside the main level, c drive directory (see further explanations provided on the pic.)*

      * Recommended is to keep a copy somewhere on your Mac of such a bottled, patched, but non-functional WineSkin wrapper with BH&H2 installed and patched inside it - this way you may patch/update the bottled version whenever new patches come out, and then carefully follow the same procedures as explained in the pic. immediately above this note, in order to be able to fly the latest version of BH&H2 either in WineSkin wrappers or in your Win7/8.1/10 Bootcamp partitions.
    • By VonS

      View File Tweaked Flight Models and Realism Pack for FE2
      Hello Gents & Fellow Flyers of First Eagles 2,

      Included in the same folder with this ReadMe file are over 200 modified data files that I use for aircraft that are available on the CombatAce website for First Eagles 2. I’m very pleased that we have a larger selection of aircraft for the WWI period than WOFFue or ROF – well done modders and many thanks!
      The installation process for the data ini modifications is now streamlined, with all versions up to 9.7 being included per theater in a large “consolidated” folder. Inside that folder you will find earlier “Read Me” files that list previous version histories.   The latest files are found per theater in a separate “DataFilesAdditionsVer99” folder. Also take note of other folders located in the latest ver. 9.9 update, and install items into the relevant folder hierarchy of your FE2 user directory. Always install older version files first before upgrading to the latest ver. FM pack (if you are missing ver. 9.7, for example, first install the files from the big consolidated folder before overwriting with the files from ver. 9.9). General ini files for newer, created aircraft sub-variants not available on CombatAce (such as the Pfalz E.II) can be found in the relevant folders under the large, older consolidated folder.   A great many thanks go out to Peter01 and Ojcar, also TexMurphy, for making most of those flight model files to begin with. Also a great thanks goes out to Stephen1918, MontyCZ and Laton for providing lots of beautiful planes and skins that go with those great flight models, to NBell for the many hitbox improvements provided for the planes, also to VonOben, Mike Dora and Crawford for many helpful suggestions, and to the A-Team by SkunkWorks for allowing me to tweak a few of the FMs for their models too. And of course a very big thanks goes out to Geezer for several fantastic, high-quality models that were produced for FE2.
      What I've done is tinkered with the data files further. Modifications in all cases, to a greater or lesser extent, include data under the following sections:

      (a) MissionData
      (b) FlightControl
      (c) AIData
      (d) Sound
      (e) AircraftData
      (f) Engine
      (g) Crew
      (h) Internal Guns
      (i) Control Surfaces
      (j) Landing Gears
      (k) Fuselage, Nose, Tail, Vertical Tail, LeftStab, RightStab, Rudder, Left/Right/Inner/Middle/Outer/Tip Wing components
      As always, please read the included "Read Me" file for more thorough installation info. and details regarding the FM tweaks. Enjoy and happy flying!
      Von S
      NOTES: Ver. 9.9 of the FM & Realism Package, among other things, also removes unnecessary "DS_store" files that sometimes show up on the OS X/Mac OS side of my Macs when tweaking data inis. For several of Geezer's latest aircraft and my FMs for those aircraft (Nieuports, Pfalzes, etc.), which are not included in this package, please see the relevant post located towards the bottom of page 25 of the "New Aircraft" thread for FE2, on CombatAce. Also see relevant posts on pages 26 and 27 of that same thread for Geezer's "early beta" collection that contains the Breguet XIV, Junkers J.I, and other updates.
      DISCLAIMER: All Von S mods, for FE2, SF2, also WOFFue, are subject to the CombatAce "freeware" terms of agreement. Mods may be shared with others, included on other media devices, also modded further, providing that original documentation and/or credit is included, and providing that the mods remain free to use. Von S mods shall not be sold, resold, etc., and Von S takes no responsibility for injuries or fixations that may result from flying heavily tweaked FMs or from attempts to enjoy real flying without aid or instruction from a qualified flight instructor.
      Submitter VonS Submitted 10/16/2015 Category Flight Models  

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