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WWII aircraft guns don't work

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Plus, if I want to make my SF NA to become WWII,  how do I do it properly? All the files are mixed together and it may be hard to move the files to a new folder.

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we have a knowledge base that ACTUALLY answers that question. Look/search for "creating an era specific install". I should know, I wrote it. In fact, let me link it directly, to make it that much eaiser:




 I want to convert my NA installation to a all-theater WWII install 

That's one of the dumbest things I've heard in a long time. You'll need, at minimum, 4 -count them- 4 ww2 installs




CBI (of which that specific terrain remains unfinished)

aircraft and ground objects are HIGHLY specific to each theater. 

As to the gun (and by inference) ww2 weapons packs, yes; you'll need them both.

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And now I have an error because stuff wasn't done properly. There's stuff missing in my old install and all the stuff is scattered around so I will mess up real bad.

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delete the mod folders and if necessary the renamed exes and start over. it's that easy

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