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DiD IV Campaign - Flight reports & Player instructions

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Obflugm Edward Reimann



5 confirmed victories (4 unconfirmed)


5th March to 10th March 1917


Edward climbed out of the cab which had brought him from the train station to the family home on Stephanstrasse in the centre of Otterndorf. The journey had been a long one travelling through the night and involving several train changes from Ostend, through Brussels to Dortmund and then on to Otterndorf. He'd said quick farewells to the other pilots and had left hastily. Leutnant Wald hadn't even said goodbye, he'd simply stayed in his office. 'Good riddance!' Edward had thought as he left with his bags. He managed some fleeting moments of sleep on the trains although they remained busy despite it being the middle of the night. There were servicemen everywhere, nurses too, although Edward was too tired to pay them much attention.


He knocked at the door to his mother's house, after a moment the door opened. His mother, now 50, still had the radiance of her youth. She smiled broadly as she saw her son on the step. "Eddie! She hugged her son warmly and despite Edward cringing at sound of 'Eddie', responded in kind.


"Why didn't you write and say you were coming?" his mother reproached him. "It's a long story mother, I'll tell you in due course" responded Edward. "Right now I'm shattered and in need of a bath!" Edward continued.


Edward went straight to his old room and threw his bags on the floor and himself on the bed. His mother had kept his room spotless despite it being nearly two years since his last visit. After a rest he went into the kitchen where his mother was busy preparing dinner. "If I'd known you were coming Edward I'd have got more in. For now I do hope a Käsespätzle will suffice!" said his mother. "It will be fine mother" responded Edward.


"Where is Eva?" Edward asked. Eva was his older sister, 3 years his elder. "She is in Bochum meine leibe" replied his mother. "Bochum? Why would she be there?" Edward queried. "She is at the teaching hospital there. She's been training as a nurse for the last three months now" replied Edward's mother.




The Käsespätzle was wonderful and Edward enjoyed sitting at the family table once more. After dinner he went for a walk through Otterndorf. Not much had changed other than there being a preponderance of navy personnel about. He spotted the Rathaus and his old school. On the Marktstrasse, he stopped at many of the shop windows. Feldmann the Tailor was still there, as was the dairy. Next door, the bakery was busy and smelt wonderful. As he looked in the bakery window at the beautiful kuchen, a soft feminine voice spoke from behind him. "Edward? Is that you?"



Edward turned around and saw the owner of the voice. Inge Muller had known Edward since childhood and had lived opposite for many years. Her mother had died a few years ago and Inge lived at home with her father who was a local businessman. Inge was beautiful, beautiful to Edward anyway and seeing her now brought back many memories.


"Inge! How wonderful to see you!" Edward exclaimed.


To be continued.....

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Inge and Edward sat in a fairly dark recess of the Cafe Zaubernuß. The Zaubernuß had been there for many years although it had been some time since Edward has frequented it. As to why the cafe was so named was obvious on first entering. The piquant citrus smell of witch-hazel was obvious from the moment one set foot in the door. A small bundle of the flowers was to be found on each table and was a way of keeping the overpowering stench of cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke at bay. Edward had suggested a drink to Inge as a way of spending some time together and reminiscing.




"So what are you upto these days Inge? Are you still with your dad?" asked Edward.


"No Edward, I've been a full-time nurse for nearly two years now. I have three days leave and came home to see him" replied Inge.


"How is you're father by the way? Well I hope." Edward continued.


"He is well. He's looking rather old now but otherwise he's healthy." stated Inge.


"I'm assuming you are in the navy looking at your uniform Edward" said Inge.


"I'm a naval pilot Inge. I'm home on leave myself and then I'm transferring to a new unit." explained Edward.


"Ahh you are a pilot! How wonderful...and dangerous. You look very smart anyway." said Inge.


"You look beautiful Inge" said Edward, almost unintentionally, certainly unplanned, but utterly from the heart too.


Inge flushed red but smiled nonetheless, "I'm far from beautiful at the moment Edward. It's been a very hard few months and I'm exhausted". explained Inge.


"Where are you based?" asked Edward.


"At the military hospital in Brussels" replied Inge.


The pair continued to talk, Edward ordered another round and the afternoon turned into the evening.


"Can I see you tomorrow Inge?" asked Edward. "I'd like that very much Edward" replied Inge.


With that the pair went home and Edward slept like a log in his own bed.


The next day Edward's mother woke him with a hot coffee. "Danke Mutter" said Edward as he came to. She also handed him a telegram. It was stamped by a navy stamp. Edward teared it open and read......


To Obflugm Edward Reimann stop


Transfer has now been authorised stop


Report to Oberleutnant Gotthard Sachsenberg at Marine Feld Jasta I at Nieuwmunster stop


No later than 1700 hours on 10th March 1917 stop.


Edward felt relief, it was now official and he had the green light to start a new chapter of his life. For now though, he had a date to keep.


Edward met Inge as planned and spent the day walking along the many rivers and streams that straddled the area around Otterndorf.




The weather was fresh but dry and the pair reminisced. "Did you not have a boyfriend Inge? I remember all the boys chased after you when we were younger" asked Edward, only half in jest.


"Nothing serious Edward and I'm not one for dalliance." replied Inge.


"I apologise Inge I wasn't suggesting for one instant that you were that type." spurted Edward wishing for all the world he'd kept his big mouth shut.


Inge laughed "Stop worrying so Edward, I know what you meant.".


The pair continued and went for a meal at the Cafe Zaubernuß. At the end of a glorious day, Edward walked Inge home. As they reached Inge's door, she turned and faced Edward. The pair came together and embraced warmly.


"Can I see you tomorrow Inge?" asked Edward. "I'm accompanying my father into Hamburg tomorrow morning Edward." replied⁴ Inge.


Edward looked rather crestfallen...Inge laughed again, that disarming and warming laugh, "I shall be back in the afternoon so can meet you tomorrow evening Edward". said Inge.


"Wonderful! I can't think of much else at the moment Inge....to be honest" stated Edward. Inge smiled warmly again....."me neither" she almost whispered as she kissed him again and went inside.


The following day, Edward sorted his travel arrangements out for the trip back to Flanders on the 10th. If all went to plan he'd be there by 4pm. In the evening he and Inge spent more time together. A meal at the Gasthaus zur Schleuse. She was leaving in the morning to return to Brussels. "Promise you will write Edward!" stated Inge as they parted that night. Embracing warmly again, Edward replied "of course I will Inge and given the chance I'll come and see you in Brussels".




Inge smiled and after a final embrace, they then parted.


Edward went into Hamburg himself on the 9th, and attended to some business on behalf of his mother. Including a meeting with the bank as his mother needed additional funds to attend to several jobs around the family home. He had a lavish meal that evening with his mother and left early on the morning of the 10th.


The trip back to Flanders, though long and tiring, went quickly enough and Edward had plenty of time to think about the new adventures ahead, both as a pilot and with Inge.


He finally reached the home field of MFJI at about 4.20pm. The daylight was beginning to darken as he climbed out of the lorry and grabbed his baggage. He took a deep breath and looked out across the airfield.....and then frowned as he looked upon the long line of aircraft on the edge of the field....."Halberstadts?!?" He said to himself. Finally he went into the office.

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