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On Workshop Options

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I just finished watching Rick’s “How to WOFF,” which are excellent by the way Rick.

I’m not equipped to make videos but I thought it a good idea to start a thread for Players/Spieler to talk about player options they favor which Rich touched on but didn’t have time to explain in a vid of reasonable length.

So, I invite everyone to talk about your one or two of your favorite options and tell us why you like them.

The one I wanted to start it off with is the All/Top Aces Only option.

We all have our own approach to the Sim. Mine is a little different from Ricks’s and opposite in one particular area. Rick prefers to use only the Top Aces, I prefer to have them all.

For those of you who are new to WOFF, have a look at the Skin Pack when you get a chance. There really are thousands of minor ace skins, mostly with well researched, authentic paint jobs.

One of my main motivators to play the Sim is to imagine flying with these pilots. To see them on either side of me, know their names and something about the real pilots they represent. For me, this offers a deeper level of immersion and you’re missing a real treat that you paid for which is sitting in your computer taking up space.

The personal markings on the machines add as much atmosphere and flavor to the Sim as the detailed clouds and landscape.

To illustrate, below you’ll see two shots of Jasta 39 and two from Jasta 15, one with All skins (some are from the User Skins Mod) and the same Jasta with theTop Aces Only option. Jasta 15 was an elite unit with lots of top and minor aces while Jasta 39 has only a few minor ones.

You can look up your comrades, most of them have a back story, a real one, see what information is there on them, often much more than you would expect. This can be done by going to the Intelligence Room and then looking in Pilot Dossiers or you can do a little research in your personal library if you have one.

My go to books, since I usually fly German, are The Jasta Pilots and Above the Lines. These are published by Grub Street Press who also publishes similar books on the Allied Pilots. And, of course, there is always good old Google.

You can Google or look up the enemies you face and maybe are lucky enough to shoot down, see how successful they were. See what stage in their career they were when you met and maybe defeated them or watched circle above you as you burn.

That brings up another option you can use when you in Campaign, just toggle the labels to “labels Identity” and it will tell you if your opponent has a name.

It gives me much more satisfaction in a kill to say “I shot down so and so” rather than just “I shot down a Camel.”

Yes, the aces don’t die, even if shot down in flames, until their historical time to go West. They also don’t get credited with kills until they historically got credit regardless of how many they do or do not shoot down in the Sim. This is because they represent real pilots who had a real life.

You may say to yourself, that’s just not realistic.

Unrealistic would be a sky without these pilots in their individual and sometimes highly decorated machines.

You have the same option the aces have, you can choose the “Pilot Never Dies” option. You may get shot down, but even a flaming death only results in a little longer hospital stay.

Yes, I use this option much of the time. Think I’m a “Farb” if you want to but I’m not that great a pilot and I like to stick around awhile sometimes.

And hey…this is Valhalla, (though I imagine most of the real pilots would think of it as Hell rather than a reward), they fight, they kill or they die and rise again to feast and carouse then ‘to bed…for tomorrow….BATTLE!

Play around with the options that are there and see what’s right for you, and most of all have fun. Whatever you choose to use….nobody’s watching.


J39 DVa lineup.jpg




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I just don't see any way to edit on this site.   So, that's go west not east.  You get confused about directions when you get old.

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Heh, yes, you have to have A LOT of posts before you can go back and edit. I definitely hope others chime in with additional information to help people get started!

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I changed it to West.   Thanks for the vids and comments guys it will all help.


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I understand that there is a time limit for editing, after which you can no longer go back. If you pay for a subscription, I believe it is removed. Also, there may be different levels of time limit depending on your status in the forums. Someone else may be able to clarify this better than I.

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