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  1. Rick Rawlings Let's Play WOFF

    Nice one Rick! Looking forward to seeing how long you survive. Thought it was going to be a Rick Rawlings challenge when I saw the heading.
  2. Stirring yarns gents! EPower, I see the beginnings of another epic tail in the making.
  3. Out of the loop...

    Glad your back in the saddle Trooper! One thing you have to remember about doctors, 50% of them finished in the bottom half of the class. Good they finally set you to rights.
  4. Glad to see all still up, technical problems or no. Lot of catch up or do! Be back soon gents!
  5. Seb, yea it was a kick in the britches. One of those where you just sit there and stare at the screen for a few minutes. Keep Andrews safe. Paroni, thanks for the condolences. Love the hunting pic!
  6. Gents, my short post yesterday obviously went unnoticed at the bottom of page 12. Gallagher’s Bristol burst into flame right after takeoff. It was not just a little fire, it was catastrophic! He is no more. I’m going to be busy for a few weeks but will be back soon. Stay safe all!
  7. Sgt. Elijah Gallagher. 8RFC, Marieux Commander Douglas looked on as the 2BE’s lifted off with Gallagher behind them in his Bristol. “Fine young man” he thought. No sooner had the thought left his head as Gallagher’s Bristol burst into flame! It wobbled a bit then slid slipped. Obviously Gallagher was trying to move away from the flames. The machine hit the trees in a ball of flame. Nothing left to do but clean up the mess.
  8. A note on my 1st claim which was denied. I didn’t see it go down but debrief said “Congratulations on downing enemy craft harassing our reccy aircraft” or something of that sort. Since Dixie fired only 6 shots and no hits or claims it had to be me right? The brass hats said no. That’s the breaks I guess.
  9. Sgt. Elijah Gallagher. 8RFC, Marieux. Bristol Scout. 46 missions. 61 hours. 1confirmed. 2 claims After the fight with what turned out to be 4 Fokker’s, the flight crews spent the next hour discussing the situation. It seems after Gallagher sent the first one spinning down, two of the three went after him. Dixie had a short fight with the fourth before rejoining Douglas and the other BE. Dixie was sure Gallagher had sent the Fokker down but did not see it crash. Douglas told Gallagher “If you want to file a claim he would check with the army and see if there were any witnesses”, so Gallagher did so. As no confirmation from the ground came through the claim was denied. The following weeks had been bad weather and recon missions had been few. On the 26, after a nice Christmas bash, Douglas gave Dixie and Gallagher permission to patrol the lines from Arras to the Somme and drive away any observation craft. This is what Gallagher lived for! Unencumbered by the slow BE’s, he and Dixie patrolled up and down the lines. It was cloudy and they had no luck. Turning for home Gallagher realized Dixie had drifted onto tue German side of the lines through a break in the clouds. Getting his bearings he noticed Archie. About a thousand feet below going north up the line was a single Fokker. He signalled Dixie and they dove on the unsuspecting machine. Dixie made the first past and the Fokker went after him. Gallagher was on him in an instant. He pulled up from his dive and lost sight of him. He then saw Dixie chasing the enemy which expertly started to turn the tables. Gallagher made another pass and the Fokker went into a spin. Gallagher tried to keep him in sight and stalled out! Once he got control of his machine he had lost a good bit of altitude. Dixie joined him, pumping a fist into the air and pointing down. There was the remains of the Fokker on our side of the trenches! On the 28th, the confirmation came through. Gallagher had his first victory. There was no big celebration as Kirby and Clark had been killed that morning. Gallagher decided it was time to write home. His parents knew where he was but had not heard from him in a long while. Since he was not an American citizen anymore and with as much time that had passed, he figured no one cared Ltn. Elijah Gallagher had cold cocked his commanding officer in the American service and was now a Sergeant in the RFC.
  10. Albert T, Oh la la! You and Seb know how to charm the beauties. She’s a keeper for sure. Better be careful so she can invite you in on your your next leave. Hasse, hope that leave comes soon. A fine read.
  11. Seb,, nice videos and great shooting! Albert T, so will be moving to greener pastures? Paroni, Yep, that Archie gets a bit thick at times. Thanks to all for the tips on shooting with the Bristol
  12. Albert, I noticed 3 sitting in inventory. Me thinks “this will not do! Something I can defend myself with and not being used.” It’s not a bad machine for the time bot that offset gun will take a little on the job training. Those monoplanes showed up in force quick!
  13. Sgt. Elijah Gallagher. Marieux Aerodrome. 8 RFC. Mid December The month started out wet and cold. Gallagher finally went up on the 3rd. Arty spotting east of Arras. After completing the mission and turning for home, 3 Aviatik’s came out of the clouds over the flight. One was smoking and Gallagher saw Dixie’s observer fire at them. He frantically tried to get his new Observer's attention to no avail. “This one will never do!” He thought. As they landed Gallagher saw 2 new machines parked on the field. They were not BE’s. Once out of his mount, he went to look them over. Bristol Scouts! “I’d give my eye teeth for one of these!” he said out loud. “She’s a beauty she is” answered one of the mechanics. While washing up for breakfast, Corporal Nash poked his head into the tent. “Captain Douglas would like to see you ASAP.” Gallagher quickly finished and made his way to the Commander’s office. He saluted upon entering. Lieutenant Dixie was seated already and Captain Douglas motioned Gallagher to have a seat. “As you are both well aware, the new German Monoplane is in our sector. As the two most experienced pilots in the squadron, I want you two to fly escort for any missions that take our machines on their side of the lines.” Gallagher was a bit puzzled until Douglas continued. Lyon will be flying the Bristol’s.” Gallagher could not contain his excitement! “Yes Sir!” he exclaimed. Douglas continued. “I don’t won’t any glory hunting. You are to protect the observation or bombing flight at all cost! Understood?” Dixie and Gallagher said “Yes Sir!” in unison. The next day they escorted Bennett to bomb Bertencourt. The Bristol was agile compared to the BE. Gallagher was in Heaven! “It will take a bit of Kentucky Windage to hit with this offset gun!” he thought. He tried to work out the angle of fire in his head as he flew along. Crossing the lines the tension mounted. He scanned the skies for any sign of the enemy. As it turned out, it was a walk in the park. A dammed cold walk at that! Another crew was lost the next day. The report was a direct hit from Archie. On the 6th, Dixie and Gallagher were to escort Capt. Douglas and another crew for Artillery Spotting NW of Bapaume. As they flew near enemy lines, Gallagher saw 2 green Monoplanes climbing to attack! He waved to Dixie and pointed. They were crossing below him and he dove to attack. He opened fire on the trailing Fokker and it dove out. He climbed, frantically looking around and spotted two coming around on his tail. Not that he dwelled on the situation but he was conscious of the fact that there were more than 2 of the enemy. Turning sharply he realized he could out turn the monoplane and soon found himself behind them. He fired again, staying on the tail of the highest one. He could not see Dixie or Douglas. Bullets ripped through his tail! He dove away to the west and leveled out. These two Huns were not finish as they dove after him. He turned to meet the attack and fired as they crossed paths. He found with the offset gun, he could fire that way and stay out of the direct fire of the Fokker. He doubted he hit anything but it made them turn away. As soon as they turned he would dove west again. Each time they came after him again. It took four of these maneuvers before they gave up and broke off. He was now over friendly territory. It took a while for him to finally relax while heading home. Halfway there he met up with Douglas and Dixie. Douglas face him a hearty wave. Once on the field Douglas was all smiles. “Magnificent flying Sergeant! Just Magnificent!” Gallagher smiled feebly. “Thank you Sir. That was the most exciting 10 minutes of my life!”
  14. re: Patch 1.21

    Well said Sir! I’ll second that.
  15. AK, absolutely love the pictures! Glad you brought in that damaged Nieuport without injury. AT, enjoy your leave. 1916 will be rough me thinks! Paroni, Good luck to Bastian. Raine, yes, the prayer, or curse is old Irish. I have noticed Gallagher and Hawkwood are close. May find a line to meet up eh?

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