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  1. MiG-29A Series 9-12

    This is an amazing model and I love it so much! But there's a problem I've been having with the MiG-29's, including the -UB models. I can't play as them beyond their starting year for some reason. Each plane in these mods is available for only one year, and no more before or after that. Have you run into it before, and do you know how to fix it? Thank you EDIT: I just tried checking things again and nothing's wrong with the MiGs, it's just that the map timelines all end before the MiG's starting dates. Sorry about that lol
  2. Thank you, but I already tried to edit these files to add the other side's air force. These were the Fer_RedFierySummer and Fer_RedFierySummerDATA ini's I posted just up above. For some reason the game crashes every time I try to start a new campaign of them. I think I'm doing something wrong or missing something in the code, but I don't know what it is. Plus I can't find the data or crash logs, if there are any :( Do you know where to find them (if they exist)?
  3. Hi! I'm trying to start building addon campaigns for eburger68's amazing SF2V Air & Ground War Expansion mod. I'm trying to start by making a "red" version of the Easter Offensive campaign called "Red Fiery Summer", where the player is a VPAF pilot in an alternate Easter Offensive where the PAVN/NLF ground forces had air support. The missions would be more varied than the ones in eburger68's own VPAF addon, with strike, recon, and CAS missions in addition to CAP and Intercept. If anyone can help me get it set up and working, or at least teach me how to do it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Attached below are my files for the campaign as they currently exist Fer_RedFierySummer.INI Fer_RedFierySummer_DATA.INI Fer_RedFierySummerEnd.TXT Fer_RedFierySummerSTART.TXT Fer_RedFierySummerSTART1.TXT

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