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  1. I remember reading(no idea where I read it or if its true) that f-102 pilots in SEA would fire IR falcons at trucks on the ho chi men trail. I'm sure they had better luck hitting trucks on the ground than they did hitting other aircraft with the falcon.
  2. i got my replacement cd in 4 or 5 days...........in st louis........so u may get it sooner than u think
  3. i just got done putting all my f-4b skins in the ini file and loaded the game to find out that some didnt show up.......so i did some testing and ive found out that you can only have 26 skins per aircraft. after the 26th entry no other skins would show up. does anybody else stumbled apon this?
  4. http://www.freenetpages.co.uk/hp/keith.bedford/ will take you the mission builder
  5. as of right now ou have the lastest version........we are all waiting for the patch at the moment
  6. ranger sorry if you took my post the wrong way......i was just stating that the picture you posted of the navy f-86 was the fury and they are almost the same plane but are different in some respects. heres a good site for information on the Fury http://home.att.net/~jbaugher1/fjfury.html
  7. mikewhl an etendard sounds mighty nice.........or how bout Ouragan, Mystere, or Super Mystere? just a suggestion :D
  8. the patch will fix the none opening bombbay doors
  9. yes there were outboard pylons that normaly carried droptanks
  10. both the f-4c and f-4d can carry the aim-4d falcon missile.

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