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  1. Capt. Kangaroo...i'll Miss Him!!

    I'd like to see the artical about them being vets. Post it if you find it.
  2. Ruger Is Retired

    Thank you shipmates. I stand relieved by AT1(AW/SW) Jon E Whetstone he has the watch.;) No I was not surprised they screwed up my pay. They could've at least gave me a reach around....lol. But I'll get it fixed. I was unable to get a retired I.D. card the day I left so today I'll get both problems fixed. The movers will also be here today to pack out my household goods so I need to get this done. Once again guys THANK YOU *<S>*
  3. Ruger Is Retired

    As of January 23rd 2004, 10:30AM PST I am retired from the U.S. Navy :D And of course they shorted me on pay so I have to go back Monday and get it fixed. <_<
  4. Capt. Kangaroo...i'll Miss Him!!

    I also grew up watching him. He was a cool dude. I will miss him too. :(
  5. Blowing Chunks

    LMAO That's too funny. BTW....how do you take screenies in BF1942. I use my "Print Scrn" key but its not working. Its the key to the right of F12. It works in all other games like Lock-On.
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Alternatives To Ts?

    Ok as of now are squad has made the switch to Ventrillo. We are very impressed with it so we are keeping it. The chat section is funny....lol. Click on chat and put a check mark in the box called enable TTS.
  8. Alternatives To Ts?

    Ghost Let me know how it is bro? Im reading about it now.
  9. Alternatives To Ts?

    Our squad is using RW (Roger Wilco) for a long time now. We are VERY unhappy with it. Since Gamespy or whoever it was took over its gone down hill. We are also in the process of looking for better communications ourselves. if anyone finds anymore comm. programs out there please let us know. Thanks, Ruger{2RHh}
  10. 696th Vfw Skywarriors

    Im sorry Ghost, I didn't see that part of the forum. Its early and Im still trying to wake up. Maybe this 4th cup of coffee will make it better. Thanks Ghost for moving it for me.
  11. 696th Vfw Skywarriors

    Hello guys. Im the Recruiting Officer for 696th VFW Skywarriors. I've been at part of this squad for over 5 years now. Stop on by and say "Hi". Description: We are the 696th VFW “Skywarriors”. We are a FPS clan that is now starting to look for serious and mature pilots to fly, practice, and who are willing to go through the 696th VFW basic training and ACM training for LOMAC. We seek people who are very TEAM ORIENTED, and who speak English. We intend to fly Head to Head with other VFW Squadrons and or competitions. We are an East Coast United States clan. We are expanding the site on a daily basis, so we are also looking for help. If you want to get involved beyond the box, come take a look at Skywarriors.net "Ride the Lightning"
  12. Biohaz Bf1942 Night?

    Count me in guys I play off and on each week when Im not busy. Let me know when. Tuesdays and Thursdays I can't make it. I don't know how often you guys play but here is a place you can check your stats. My stats at BFStats.com. You can type your name in the space at the left side of the page to check yours.
  13. Horny Frenchmen

    LOL That guy has too much time on his hands. That was funny.
  14. New Site Layout - Please Vote!

    I think it looks great. Hell...it's better looking than my ex-wives. Yes that means more than one. As they say "The 4th One's A Charm". No wait.....that's the 3rd.....lol. Boy, I can see the negitive feedback now.
  15. Military Timetable

    Chief, we need more people like you to run the Navy Circus Somebody has got to babysit them.

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