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  1. Hey... Try removing any A-10 textures you might have in your LockOn/Bazar/TempTextures folder that might be overwriting you newly instealled skins. Some Loman texture files get extracted into the cdds file while others are extracted into your temp textures file. The files in the temp texture folders overwrite the current ones. Let me know if that works.
  2. Review Of The Nostromo N52

    Cool. Thanks as well I'm very tempted but was wondering, is the D pad analog? Thats one thing that I would love to have an analoge control. In otherwords is it contact sensitive?
  3. Here are my A-10 Skins. Coming to a downloadable location soon! Still working on the JAWSII skin. its hard to line up all thoes dots.
  4. I love thoes High res. skins! Here is a sample of my JAWSII skin. Part of my next A-10 Skin Pack. work in progress. I think they made 3 JAWS test schemes. this one is the second one with a yellow base coat.
  5. I plan on it. Its on my list for round three just after I finish my A-10 Pack. If you can find any Photo reference on the streak eagle the one without any paint, let me know, Its hard to find.
  6. Hello fellow Flight Simmers! I know that some of these skins have been done by other people like the Ferris and the Israeli skin but I’m trying to make a skin package for the F-15 and the A-10. F-15 will have 8 skins A-10 will have 10 to 12 All are real camo schemes that can be found at this helpful site. All skinners should check it out! My Webpage All of these are still a work in progress. Most of them just need some weathering added. These last two are from our Online Squadron =wWw= Happy New Year!

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