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  1. What the Cool Kids are Doing

    Count me in!
  2. Buzz Aldrin - A man's man

    Great stuff. Even my wife loved it! -Calvin
  3. archery builds character

    That is an awesome read. I did a variety of blackpowder "experiments" in my youth. My chosen ignition methods were flashbulbs fired via a model train transformer through ALOT of wire. Luckily I started small enough that even the bid shots were done fairly safely (i.e with me under sufficient cover). Reading that brought back memories! -Calvin
  4. Flak guns playable! How delicious. -Calvin
  5. My Brute

    I got one! My Mr.T clone I went ahead and lost to you to give you a false sense of superiority. You're welcome :yes: Then I went on to win my next 5 fights. Agility seems to be very important. -Calvin
  6. I'm a "from the beginning" type of lurker, but I do have to break the silence and throw down some kudos. Great Work! Thank you. -Calvin
  7. Really good air race pilot

    You KNOW that guy had to spend a few minutes sitting there before he had recovered enough to walk away. Talk about adrenaline overdrive! -Calvin
  8. Thank you to all who are working on these experimental Russian designs. They have been some of my favorites to look at and read about since I was a kid. Looking forward to strapping them on! -Calvin
  9. Anyone wants an FW190 sim-pit?

    Isn't 35,000 Euros like 50 Grand? That's alot for a simulator shell! I would build my own if I got that itch. Of course, by the time I got to enjoying it, I would be dead at my wife's hand. -Calvin
  10. Man keeps daughter captive in cellar for 24 years

    If ever there is an argument in favor of summary execution, it's made by cases like this. Hell hath no fires hot enough. -Calvin

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