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  1. count me in~~ Semper Fi GO RED SOX!! Post #22
  2. Another Cancer Battle Lost....

    Im sorry for your loss...its always hard losing someone..<S> Semper Fi
  3. Add-On 1.1 pics

    i dont think the ka-50 is scrapped...i think its coming along in another add on...im not the expert though so dont quote me...:) Semper Fi
  4. Add-On 1.1 pics

    yeah this looks amazing...the detail is almost breathtaking...im excited about the new plane as ive just started the play with the 25 and i must say its a blast!! Semper Fi
  5. 5 gmail accounts to give away...

    Joe Joe that'd be cool Sean Cronin croninsd@hotmail.com Semper Fi
  6. Scamp to save a campaign you have to do it after you complete a mission...usually after i fly a mission i look over the debrief and look at the briefing for the next one...thats when i save it...you just hit the little disk at the top left and it should work..and to open a saved campaign you just go to the campaigns menu and click on the one you were playing and it should open up where you left off...ive heard of problems with people saving games in flight so i usually dont bother with it...i hope this helps a bit... Semper Fi
  7. Punkbusted Too Far?

    Seems a bit overboard to me too..i hate a cheater as much as anyone..but when is enough enough? Semper Fi
  8. Another Killer on the Roads :X

    Have fun and be safe!!! Enjoy the freedom.. :P Semper Fi
  9. Video Super Etendard

    Yup thats a very cool video..kinda cool to see another country's take on carrier operations...gotta love the entendard!! Semper Fi
  10. headshake and eyebehaviour

    sounds like a good idea to me...Jeff's idea was good also..lol it'd take a little bit to get used to...looks cool though..cant wait for this sim!! Semper Fi
  11. model

    Very good looking...ive been wanting to do a few models but i just dont seem to have the space to keep them safe when i cant work on them...:( Semper Fi
  12. A-10 Vid

    Yeah thats a great video..Also a great sight for those movies...theres too many to choose from..i download almost 1 or two a day from there!!! Semper Fi

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