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  1. I believe the A model is TW and the others at Viper Team’s. I found a file in one of the repaints in my F-16CM_B42 folder which allowed me to do a quick run in GIMP and get a quick tail done for the 422nd TES. Now I need to figure out how to do the tail numbers so I can do correct tail numbers and squadron markings.
  2. Does anyone have a template for the F-16’s? I started small today and made decals….even more amazingly they show up in game! I’m thinking about trying my hand at a few skins but know I don’t have the skill yet to make a template.
  3. I’ll upload some more reference pictures tomorrow. As for Block 10 F-16A’s…. There’s a few options in the SF2 F-16 addon aircraft section. I’ll look but I believe I’m using one of those very ones in my game currently. I’m looking into how to possibly try my hand at making them myself but I know I won’t do them the justice starting out hence my request. I’ve included 2 pictures of the 184th TFG CO’s F-16A Block 10 in 1988/1989 I believe.
  4. I was wondering if someone could do skins for the following F-16's of the 184th Tactical Fighter Group, Kansas Air National Guard located at McConnell AFB. F-16A Block 1 & Block 10 F-16C Block 25 F-16D Block 25 I have skins for them during their F-105D/F, F-4D, and B-1B days...would love to see some of their F-16's in the skies of SF2. I can provide reference pictures of them. Thanks in advance.
  5. Southwest United States for SF2

    Downloaded and attempted to extract the file to install however got an error message regarding Gelaender.tga, it won't extract as it says there's an unknown error. Any ideas/solutions?
  6. I'm just getting back into SF2 after a long break. I just installed Strike Fighters 2 Complete Edition, now my question is, what patches/service packs do I need to install? There's so many, I want to ensure I do it correctly. Thanks for any input/assistance.
  7. alexis99, My problem with telling my AI B-1B wingman to RTB is they seem to crash each and every time when flying over Afghanistan. Due to this, I always try to ensure I'm just a single ship flight so I'm not penalized for the AI inability to keep the plane airborne.
  8. Wrench, Thanks for the heads up, I guess I'll continue to fly the Bone as single ship wrecking ball then!
  9. I was wondering if you had success with modifying the AI Behavior in regards to the B-1B? Would you mind sharing what you modified and the information you used, would love to modify it myself but am nervous.
  10. I've done this, with no luck as the error has now changed to "Forbidden" so I don't know what else to do. I'm going to try some SF2 files today and see if they work better or not, I've downloaded other files from other sites but have a problem here on this site. I truly appreciate your assistance with this.
  11. Well apparently whatever is wrong wasn't solved. I picked a different location for the file to be save to and still get a failure at the end, I tried downloading through Internet Explorer and Google Chrome with the same results. Does anyone have the October 2008 WOE Patch and latest Weapon Pack they could send me so I can atleast play my Yankee Air Pirates Missions till I can get SF2?
  12. I will probably upgrade but SF1 WOE is what I have for now so I'll play it till I can get SF2. Thanks for the info.
  13. Well, I may need to upgrade to SF2 then....
  14. Thanks to Erik Thompson, I believe I got the source of the download error figured out and hopefully corrected. I'll have to wait till tomorrow and my next 5 downloads to see if it works. Is there any other sites for WOE Files or are they all gone?
  15. I'm just returning to SF:WO Series after quite a break and I cam here to Combat ACE to get the last patch and Weapons Pack for WOE plus a few planes just to keep me busy. I registered and attempted to download the October WOE patch, it goes through the download process then when it's 100% done it tells me the download Failed as I have insufficient permission. I then tried the Weapons Pack and a few planes, all with the same results then I run out of downloads as I'm limited to 5 a day. Anyone have this issue, any fix or different site I can go to. I'm wanting the last patch, weapons pack, F-4G, RF-4C, F-16, F-105G for WOE.

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