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  1. First, I want to thank eburger for the conversion to SF2! Did notice one more small problem, I was flying a single mission, not anything from the campaign yet, when I noticed the AI controlled F-15E's landing gear were still down during the mission. Probably a small ini edit, but not real sure which one?
  2. WTF?

    If that was my daughter, the only honor killing would be of the rapist!
  3. Looks good! Ever thought of making a low poly model of OBL's shack? Would make a great target,lol
  4. He hasn't released the FM program for this series, Greg has just got it up and running. Beta testing these new FM's has just begun. :yes:
  5. I've been trying to get to subsim.com this afternoon, with no luck. Anyone else having this same problem? Eddie
  6. Thanks for this mod, appreciate all the work involved! Wanted tp take a look at some of the models before I got started in the campaign. Took the F84 on a Fighter Sweep, with one wingman. After getting up to around 40 to 45 kts during takeoff, the canopy opens, and no combination of key commands will get it closed! Watched wingman takeoff, and he rolled off the runway at 200 kts, heading for town,lol Halfway through town he finally got airborne, and his canopy was open too! Had clean install of WoE, Oct patch added, then installed NF1, NF2, then NF3. Flight model set to Hard, but still getting this problem with the canopy. At almost 300 Kts and at 12K feet, would think it would be kind of windy in that cockpit!
  7. AV History

    I wonder ndicki, which of the MAW team is going to do something in this series?
  8. After watching this video of B1's in action over Iraq, makes me wonder what kind of munitions they were using, some of the explosions are huge! http://www.break.com/usercontent/2008/11/B...raq-602760.html

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