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  1. J-10A

    BlackBird thats a very nice Lavi I have been waiting along time for a Lavi they say it has cross character of the F-16C blk 35 and the Kfir C-7 it would have been a great aircraft for the IAI We Would also need a Two Seater im not sure if the Lavi carried BVR because at that time BVR was still too expensive for them especially the AIM-120A i believe the project start in 1990 and ended in 1997
  2. The Person Below Me

    False Because i dont like CRAP i mean RAP the person below me was brain washed by the Teletubbies
  3. Astronomy...

    i love that picture as well it makes you think how many life forms there are looking at the same sky thinking of the same thing or even just thinking how many life forms there are
  4. Astronomy...

    I Love Astronomy I look in my telescope when i have a chance i have some custom wallpaper that i made Of The Night Time Sky I add one of my custom wallpaper that i made of an early stage nebula
  5. that looks really nice. i cant wait. i hope your looking for an FM Maker -------------> I did the Modification FM on the J-11 So it can do the cobra manuover here is my pic of my up coming project enjoy mach driver aka Pharaoh Phoenix
  6. projects

    up comming projects
  7. the program i use all the time is called DXT BMP it was design for flight sim games that uses TGA or DDS files it can open them and Read them and save back to them. this is the link to get the program it's the best so far that i came across http://www.mnwright.btinternet.co.uk/ Mach Driver AKA Pharaoh Phoenix PS i uploaded my own Screen Shot of my RafaleM2 Project
  8. I liked the SAAB Gripen Very nice but i did notice the animation is backwards when pulling back on the stick it i notice that the canards are moving downwards i am trying to figure out why this is happening.
  9. Updates

    Is there a way to lock on too Multiple Targets Like the F-14 F-15 And F-22 Does in real life in if not then maybe Third Wire can put out and update that can do this to give more realism.
  10. In the Data.ini file you have to change the look under the Flight Control section you will see climb speed and corner speed. Climb speed is the speed rate in meter a second that determents on what your climb rate will be.Nest your corner speed this is your maxium turn rate at speed like the f-16C it's max trun rate is at 375 mph which convetered into Meters a second which will be at 180.1 m/s next you have to change the left in the wings section you also have to change the alpha lift in the wings section as well this is my F-16C data it Rolls at 360a sec has a max turn rate of 150 ft a sec which will whip the back end of the f-16 around creating fish tailing which f-16 pilots do in real life to bleed off excess speed when turning into land.
  11. yeah that would be pretty cool to have. i also notice that even in the 60's they had ground lock capability to help drop there dumb bombs which were mainly in your attack and your bomber aircrafts,I would like to see that be incorporate in new .dll file i would also like to see helmet display that was first used in the MiG-29.Next Fly By Wire technology which was first introduced in the late 70's which was frist used on the legendary F-16 Fighting Falcon,I would love to see proper flight approach with the Hell Fire Missile ,and then yes Stealth and thrust vector.but the biggest thing in the 80's was the Cruise Missile i would really like to proper flight and take off approach. i tried tinkering the with the cruise missile but the max distant i could get out of it was 65 miles but i know the can have a flight path longer than that i know the russian's has a cruise missile that can fly up to 280 miles depending on altitude.thats something i would love to wait for.
  12. Leaving WoV

    i have ran into this problem before and i found out you have to turn off you antivirus program becuase there is a compatible issues problem so each time i want to run WOV or WOE i turn off my antivirus.
  13. More Flankers!

    those are beautiful models all it needs is anwsome realistic skin and an automatic bombing aid for automatic ground lock and some how to tweek in multiple target lock so we can hit multiple target .
  14. UFS (Unknow Flight Sim)

    the frist pic really looks like FS2000 cuz i seen that mod alot at www.simviation.com alot the second pic is warbirds and the last pic is Janes WWII i think
  15. Su-27-TVC

    well i think i can help you in that department i have been making thrust Vectored Aircrafts for microsoft flight simulators for some time now i ran into the same problem there and i found a way to fix that problem when you animate the aircraft you have to tie down the nozzles with elevator pitch up and down animation motion next to give the independant up down motion you have to tie it down to the aileron motion it quite easy once you figure it out i think there is tutorial on this on the web.

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