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  1. If you are happy with your stick, maybe you can keep using it. According to their website, it looks like Thrustmaster will sell the TWCS Throttle as a separate item. However, they don't say if it will happen anytime soon and there's no price yet, but I think it will not be too expensive.
  2. Ayuda CTD en reinstalacion

    ¿Lo has reinstalado con el antivirus quitado? Yo tuve un problema parecido. En mi caso, era cosa del Avast. Para solucionarlo, puse la carpeta del juego en las exclusiones del análisis. No sé por qué, consideraba como virus algunos archivos del juego. Estaban en el "Baúl de Virus" y tuve que restaurarlos desde ahí. Más allá de eso, además de lo típico de instalar las últimas versiones de DirectX, tanto de la versión 11 como de la 9c, no se me ocurre qué más podría ser... En caso de que ya hayas probado todo esto, confío en que algún compañero más tenga mejores ideas que yo. Un saludo.
  3. Maybe you're looking for this one: Atlas Cheetah. Similar, but not a Kfir, though.
  4. Thank you very much for your answer, Wrench. I have managed to get myself in the cockpit by changing the last number in Offset= line. Now I can really enjoy this plane
  5. I am experiencing a little bug with this aircraft. In cockpit, it seems I am bit high. Should I modify other files? Is anyone experiencing the same? Thanks and advance and thank you, WingZero, for this mod.
  6. I was affraid of that. It's really a shame (at least for me) to have lost that feature. Thank you very much for your answer
  7. Before latest patch, everytime I targeted a plane in WOE I could read its name even in hud hard mode. I thing it only works right now in other hud modes, although in First Eagles it is still working on hard mode even updated to latest patch, from April, I think. Is there any way to fix it? I haven't been able to find it with the search feature, so many thanks for your interest and sorry if someone has asked for it before.
  8. I'm using avionics60.dll (a fix I'm afraid isn't described in readme, sorry if it is) in Strike Fighters install, but ground radar doesn't work. I have tried many fixes, but none hasn't worked yet. Any idea?

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