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  1. So from questions I asked before I know that both air and ground targets have set values for the randomization but I was wondering about a few things. 1: Is it possible to set more then one strike mission target? And I mean permenently, so its just part of the randomization without touching the in game editor. 2: Is it possible to permenently have more AA then what's givin inder the heavy setting for single missions?
  2. I know it happens but my question is. Is there a way to prevent mods from disappearing after installing DLC in SF2?
  3. A few months ago I got myself a SSD for my OS and totally forgot that SF2 puts the mod folder on C drive by default. Is there any way of changing the file path of said mod folder off of C and on to D drive?
  4. Mirage 5 Peruvian Air Force

  5. Mirage 5BD

  6. Mirage F1AZ

  7. Mirage F1C-200

  8. Victor B1 & B2


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