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  1. Su-30MKI Flanker Indian Air Force

    Great MKI
  2. An important heads up for my CA friends.

    Keeping you in our prayers.
  3. What did you do in World War II daddy?

    My Dad, was a A-25 (SBD) gunner and then later a B-25 Top Turret Gunner stationed in New Guinea. Most planes he ever saw in the sky where Japanese. He was in multiple engagments and they had to evac on a barge during the battle of the Coral Sea. Very interesting stories.
  4. that's quite true. my heart rate goes up post merge. The MF Mig-29 is great in a phonebooth, but I still seem to lose SA and end up getting nailed by a heater..
  5. ok, thanks for the super fast response. thanks again for Combat Ace best site on the internet !
  6. Sorry if this has been reported and I could not find the answer ( i did search and look at the KB). I've added the Mirage Factory F-15A and Mig-29 packages (both of which are excellent!) and also Killerbees SF2 weapons back (also quite excellent). however, while I can lock up target on Radar in the F-15 and/or Mig-29, but I cannot fire a Radar Missiles (either SARH or ARH). I do NOT get the yellow diamond lockon indicator, but my hud/radar does show a lock. It does work for any F-4/AIM-7 combo, but does not work for anything else (I've tried Mig-29 with R-27 and R-77, and F-15A with AIM-7F and M). Is there something I need to do to get the yellow lock on diamond and have the Radar missiles fire. Any new heaters (R-73, AIM-9M) fire great. thanks Brian
  7. Just wanted to say this is an amazing release, thanks so much! It's great how the enemy aircraft jamming you show up on the hud with Jamming symbology!
  8. woot! Thanks much, she flys great! wonderful model!!!
  9. Great work! Thanks so much for doing this, looks great
  10. Wow, this is very nice. Thanks to you and your team. Amazing Job!
  11. I was wondering if I could help out on any non-3d work for the Su-24 that is being worked on. I don't have any artistic talent, but could work on simple parts of the FM or Weapons loadout or help flight test and provide feedback, etc. Yes, it's a thinly veiled attempt to help the VVS with there duties, but thought I would offer :) thanks

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