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  1. Nevermind answered my own question by reading carefully sorry guys haha!
  2. I recently bought a new PC and i was wondering if there was a way to run the mods folder off of a (D:) drive instead of the usual (C:) Drive.... I know the KB talks about a different partition but is it the same process? thanks!
  3. Hello! After a bit of a busy few months Im back! Just curious what people's favorite nations combos are in the Angola terrain as I see a bunch of non SA/Angola jets on the terrains in screenshots
  4. Well I would say the fact that thirdwire is releasing ANYthing for windows is a good sign that he might be coming around back to SF2... I personally dont totally understand the price and cost numbers he comes up with cause people here at CA do AMAZING work for free... but I could just not understand this stuff but i completely understand how DCS modules can cost a lot and I do not know how being a developer for DCS could be profitable but thats why I dont mind spending money on the wonderful things they release. I wish TK embraced the SF2 community a bit more because I see the potentual for a strike fighters type "lite" flight sim taking off as a very enjoyable experience between the anime of Ace Combat and the huge complexity of DCS Another interesting thing is that I believe the SF universe has been a stepping stone for a lot of people before going to the intense complexity of DCS and that is a very interesting Niche in the market... anyway there's a girl's two cents haha
  5. I Read somewhere I believe it was On Yankee Station that North Vietnamese pilots were usually much smaller in stature than their american or soviet counterparts and that led to high speed high G turns to be much harder... It went on to say that the mythical Colonel Tomb's dogfights were won by forcing F-4's/105's into slow speed flight envelopes as a result. Whether this is ego boosting nonsense I have no idea but worth thinking about... hard to model pilot strength in a game
  6. Hey Herk driver the KB is the knowlege base under the main sf2 forum directory... when it comes to installing A-6's it can be a bit of a pain in the butt and is not an easy install I would say download the A-6 superpack from the aircraft section and follow the instructions in the readme step by step It took me quite a few tries unfortunately thou the A-6 cockpit is something that needs to be bought either from razbam or from the old wings over Vietnam game by third wire... I think there are a few campaign mods that do include a copy of the third wire A-6 cockpit by mistake
  7. Ive been seeing these for some time now in the screenshot section... just cant figure out what package they come in... anyone know?
  8. Awesome thanks for the advice guys!

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