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  1. Thank you Wrench,,I have SF2 with Korea added in,,But my video card died and I'm using the onboard video,,,Just ordered a new one from Amazon,,,The integrated graphis chip stinks...
  2. Just downloaded the Korea all in on theater for SFP1 Got the patch and weapons pack but can't figure out what Korea terrain to use..I know the terrain for SFP2 won't work..Could some one help get what I neeed,,,Thanks
  3. What the hell is wrong with me?

    I'm an older gamer which it appears I'm not alone,,,,I Still Fly CFS 1 and CFS 2 along with EAW,,Ginship!and Janes WWII Fighters I still have the Mod cd's to dress that puppy up.. Guess the newest sims I have is Il-2 with the BAT mod,And a modded SF2 ,Like it's said today's sims ain't got the same soul So I'm happy in my time caspule
  4. I just want to express my thanks to who ever straightened out my account,,i lost my password on an HD replacement and tried to get aanew one but it wouldn't let me log on,,I finally saw my user name was listed as JG51Ruski instead of rwatson ,,sent a quick email and it was corrected in no time,,,Just finished putting in Korea and all is flying sweet..thanks
  5. EAW 1.28C release

    If you head over to SimHQ and find any post by Mr.Jelly he has links at the bottom to different versions of EAW that have those two theaters the latest is 1.50 but 1.40 also has them..Better yet read the next 4 posts down Jel has the links and some very informative screens there
  6. Been away a bit but flying again...Yes I read the read me and it's just credits to the contributors I've tried a few things but the range won't show in the mission map selection...I'll keep trying,,got to learn how to hit ground tgt's.
  7. could someone explain how to install the test range,,I unzippe the download and don't know where to put the 4 folders that are in the test range folder...Haven't been able to fly lately and need the training ,,Thanks
  8. Damn I tried range,,and Mescelaro and came up blank and searched a whole bunch of pages...Thank you for the help KJakker
  9. Could some one point me at either of these files.for SFP1.Been searching and can't locate them Thanks
  10. tried to add this to the last post but wasn't allowed Ok went in options.ini in the mods folder and single mission was set for flying F4-e's in 1964 looked at my user created mission which was set to fly a Panther recon mission copied the necessary entries to instant action and it works..Also my start date was 1964 and reset that to 1951--1953..Seems to be good so far.Instant action always flies what the edit shows.So I got it set for Corsairs CAS ,,Next step is to throw in the bombing range..I keep a copy of the last good install zipped just in case
  11. Thanks Spectre..Yes I renamed all to strikeFighters2 Korea.exe.including the ini file in the main folder ...I don't know why I need the exe on the end but it's running sweet "so if it ain't broke don't fix it"..been flying user created missions..Instant action locks up but I've been reading and it seems to be something wit aircraft type and start dates.But campaigns are good and can create missions...Only question is how can you set missions to ground start which is what I prefer
  12. Finally after many tries I got her running..I can setup missions and run campaigns..Imstant action locks it up but no troubles there I just set up single missions..Still a mystery why I have to have to have exe after the Korea but I'm going to zip the good install up and try to edit it out of the titles ini files etc.I'm leaving the compatability settings alone and running straight win 7 should I change this to xp or 98????
  13. Yes I'm renaming StrikeFighters2 Vietnam to StrikeFighters2 Korea I run it and reset some of the options in game file but the users\Saved games\Third Wire\ doesn't show a Korea folder so I can proceed with the terrain install and go on from there.I only have the 5 standard SF titles in there. OOOKKK I figured it out I was just renaming SF2 Vietnam to FS2 Korea ,,I changed that to SF2 Korea.EXE. Ran it and got the proper Korea folder in the Users/saved games dir.I just assumed the Korea would run as an application ...Now I got the folder and can proceed with deleting objects folder add terrain and so forth......Thanks guys for bearing with me hopefully all will go ok from here.
  14. My third wire sims are stored in C:\Users\Ruski\Saved Games\Third Wire.......Is this where the KAW folder would show up??? I was expecting to see a Korea folder when I ran the renamed exe. I looked at my options in the Vietnam folder and it reads C:\Users\Ruski\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Vietnam... .Does this need to be edited to SF2 Korea before running the renamed Vietnam EXE.??Mods =True is enabled.Sorry a bit lost on this one.Thank you for the reply

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