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  1. Integrated Intel graphics and EAW

    Are you using the GOG version or installing from the disks ??https://www.gog.com/en/game/european_air_war
  2. Spot on Wrench I've found over the years if others are using it and no posts it has to be right and the problem is on my end,,Now I have a merged install with KAW and a stand alone Vietnam install and it flies great ..I took your lead and renamed the exe and ini to SF2V-AGExpn
  3. Finally got it running !! Seems there was a loose nut on the keyboard,,I had two unzipped sets of the expansion and checked the size one was1.14 GB,,The second was 4.09 GB and I went to the archives and got the original download and unzipped it and it weighed in at 4.10 GB did another install and copied the _to Mods Folder over and all the campaigns show up and a couple of quick fly's I can see the improved terrain is working.. Thanks for the advice gentlemen
  4. Went through the ini files and this is in the one in the saved games folder [Mods] ModsEnabled=TRUE Directory=C:\Users\russ\Saved Games\ThirdWire\SF2V-AGExpn Editors=StrikeFighters2 So it's pointing to the correct directory,,In the meantime I've installed WOV and got it modded up pretty well..But still working on SF2V
  5. Wrench This is to a standalone VN folder ..I took my merged install out..Tried two approaches to the install 1.Installed SF2V clean and ran it 2. Copied the exe and ini and renamed it to SF2V-AGExpn 3.Ran it afd it created a SF2V-AGExpn folder in the proper place 4 Copied the files from the to mod folder into that 5 ran the SF2V-AGExpn.exe and flew but checked things out and the extra campaigns didn't show up..But the terrain was improved and then added Stary's Green Hell terrain and I believe it's working Also tried all of the above but didn't run the original exe and just cut pasted and renamed the exe and ini to SF2V-AGExpn same thing the campaigns don't show up and there is a Vietnam SEA and a South Vietnam terrain in the mod folder but only the VietnamSEA one shows in single missions..Even tried copying those terrains to the main folder where the cat file is but they don't show up.. I guess it's unfix-able so I'll fly what I have and try setting up and trying mods in SFP1 Vietnam..I'm a Vietnam vet and that's the one I want to fly...I'll only put in a merged install for SF2 to set up KAW. Thank you for your help..
  6. Tried it exactly..Somethings amiss here ..I installed the Korean Air War mod and it's working great My install is to C:/Users/'YourName"/Saved Games/ThirdWire/'Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam... I'll just try installing it clean and add a few mods..Really Vietnam is the only thing I want to fly..But I've tried a merged install and all the fixes in the KB but still get a full load from all modules when flying it.. Thanks for the advice...Can all the modules be installed as stand alone ??
  7. Geary Thanks for the reply..It's a stand alone Vietnam install and it made it's own mod folder in the proper place..To be truthful I'm not sure if I ran it first before aplying the mod,,No worries I'll just uninstall it and give it another go..I did have it running well a couple years ago and I think that was after I flew it a bit..
  8. I've tried installing the Air/Ground war Gold Expansion to a stand alone SF2 Vietnam install..Downloaded all 4 parts and set it up following the read me instructions ,,but go in game and it doesn't seem to be there ,,Only the stock 3 campaigns show up and only the Vietnam,SEA terrain is there,,I've installed mods before so I understand how the mod folder operates in fact installed the Korean Air War Mod yesterday no worries..I even tried installing it to a merged install and same thing..Any help or advice is appreciated
  9. Downloaded three parts for the continuation War but the instructions say there's four parts Any help the find part D would be appreciated,,Thanks
  10. Harvest, an UHR terrainset

    Looks sharp VB !!
  11. First Bomber Stream encounter

    Talking about the comms M8 " but communications are still rudimentary. However there's plenty room for expansion and eventually this could evolve to a whole subset of specific AI commands, so more cooperative attack and defense become possible. "
  12. First Bomber Stream encounter

    Looking good VB..Hope you can get it working good
  13. Visit the Philippines in a day

    good project VB Some good Naval battles there..I was in Subic Bay in 69 for a rest and refit and can't remember a lot of it due to Jack and Hinekins but what else would a 19 year old Marine do?? hope i don't have any kids there
  14. Visit the Philippines in a day

    Glad to be here M8's
  15. (re)birth of a carrier

    Well it looks solid to me the quad guns are a nice touch anything you modders publish are welcome But We could do without the sniping..I fly things from both camps and enjoy them for their own charms

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