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  1. Downloaded three parts for the continuation War but the instructions say there's four parts Any help the find part D would be appreciated,,Thanks
  2. Harvest, an UHR terrainset

    Looks sharp VB !!
  3. First Bomber Stream encounter

    Talking about the comms M8 " but communications are still rudimentary. However there's plenty room for expansion and eventually this could evolve to a whole subset of specific AI commands, so more cooperative attack and defense become possible. "
  4. First Bomber Stream encounter

    Looking good VB..Hope you can get it working good
  5. Visit the Philippines in a day

    good project VB Some good Naval battles there..I was in Subic Bay in 69 for a rest and refit and can't remember a lot of it due to Jack and Hinekins but what else would a 19 year old Marine do?? hope i don't have any kids there
  6. Visit the Philippines in a day

    Glad to be here M8's
  7. (re)birth of a carrier

    Well it looks solid to me the quad guns are a nice touch anything you modders publish are welcome But We could do without the sniping..I fly things from both camps and enjoy them for their own charms
  8. (re)birth of a carrier

    LOL VB that carrier must have been hauling butt seeing how far off the beach it is
  9. Unashamed Promo of UAW160

    I found I couldn't run part one until I woke up and re read the instructions and DUHH deleted the ini and ran it and it was fine..Sometimes it's the little things we miss make the difference
  10. Reichenberg II

    Looks pretty good VB..I like the green one ,,don't really fancy the blue set
  11. Wrench Thank you for the reply,,Excuse my lack of knowledge but where does this go?? Looked at the options file and it doesn't go there I'm trying to learn EDIT..Found it and the one I have is the same as yours..It's strange my base installs work fine but Korea and Russia I got long ago from another site before I got banned have the same issue
  12. Wrench Here's what I have in my options.ini,,If you can post yours in a PM I'd like to try it Thanks [InstantAction] AircraftType=F86A-5 MissionMap=KOREA3 StartTime=16:30:00 StartDate=09/18/1948 StartTimeDeviation=120 TextureSet=0 NationalMarking=0 SquadronMarking=0 AircraftNumber=0 KillMarking=0
  13. Wrench,, It's properly installed to the correct users\saved games \Third wire\ folder as the read me states...Every thing runs fine except for the instant action part..Like I've said before it only takes a second to create a mission,so I'm happy with it And thank you for clearing up the A/B issue I don't know a lot about the planes that are in the mod but one by one I'll take one plane google it and learn a bit like I've done with the WWII planes ..Thank you for explaining it all to me
  14. Gatling Thanks for the reply,,,I've found the plane types were different made them the same and Korea still crashes,,,I didn't know about anything else in the flight instant action but I'll look it over It only shows in the two added mods Korea and Russia..I've modded Vietnam heavily and it flies fine
  15. Thanks for the reply Russo..I'll just go ahead of my own and see what happens..As for A/B I just thought the Korean era jets had them It only shows up in the Korea mod after the football games I'll check it all out ,,Neither one is a game buster for me I just put in the Russian air war mod and single missions locks up there too,,Went and tested the parts of my merged install and they are working fine...It isn't much troubles to set up a single mission so I'll fly it that way

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