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  1. The original 1.28 release

    Loosing win 7 support is not really a problem unless you want to surf.Off line with on internet connection it will be fine
  2. The original 1.28 release

    Pretty sure it's an original I pulled it off an old CD backup has the Microprose world screen and the only two read mes are for 1.28 and 1.1 and has the menu screen fix applied..lower left shows 1.28
  3. The original 1.28 release

    Runs well here no worries
  4. Thanks Eric I have that song already,,What I'm looking for is a whole set of jams that fit right into SF Vietnam..i remember years back there was one that played tunes randomly while I was flying
  5. Many moons and several hard drives ago I had a sweet Vietnam sound track like paint it black and some Credence any one have a link to it ??..thanks for any help
  6. The Mediteranian

    Lookin' good M8
  7. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Review.

    got two of them bought one a couple years ago and late last year spotted on in the used bin at the computer..I could tell it had never been used Great stick and for sims where I need extra buttons I have an old Nostromo keypad a M8 sent me ..Programming it is about the same as my long gone X-52 I love it because I can take multiple key commands and set up a macro..Had troubles because couldn't find win & drivers Called my friend in Omaha and he told me the Vista drivers work well..
  8. Redesigned Halftrack

    Looks pretty good VB Sure would like to drive one around town,,bet everyone would get out of my way..
  9. Guard tower

    Good one VB and with a guard to boot
  10. Filling up those ''ugly' terrain tiles

    Geez wouldn't look forward to attacking that beast,,Could troops be added to it ??
  11. 160 and Support?

    Just rename it OLDeaw.ini just in case
  12. 160 and Support?

    Spot on Mark I sent Bob my 1.60 win 7 install,,best he deletes the ini and lets EAW rebuild it and tries to set up a single mission and run it first otherwise the single mission set up will be buggered
  13. Milestone

    Congrats! M8 Good Show !!!
  14. Found my Issue This line in the game folder----CampaignsDirectory= C:\Users\Russ\Saved Games\ThirdWire\Strike Fighters2 korea needed to be changed to C:\Users\Russ\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\Campaigns\ Now they show up fine and just the Korean campaigns..Posted my solution in case any one else has the same issue
  15. I had to re-install the Korean air War mod,,On a new drive..I had it runing fine last year and now it's installed ,,Starts fine..I can create instant action and single missions ..Went to try a campaign and there's none listed..Checked my mods folder and they are all there,,Best I can figure out is something is off on one of the ini files..So here's the contents of the game folder one and the mods folder one..Sorry for the longish post but it's the only way i can do it and thank you for any help Game [Startup] IntroMovieList= StartupScreen=MainScreen LoadingScreen=Menu\InitScreen.BMP [Debug] OutputLevel=0 [Window] WindowMode=FALSE WindowPosX=0 WindowPosY=0 WindowWidth=640 WindowHeight=480 [Directory] SystemDirectory=Core MenuDirectory=Menu MissionControlDirectory=Flight FlightDirectory=Flight ObjectDirectory=Objects TerrainDirectory=Terrains SoundDirectory=Sounds SpeechDirectory=Speech ControlDirectory=Controls ScreenShotsDirectory=ScreenShots MissionsDirectory=Missions CampaignsDirectory=C:\Users\Russ\Saved Games\ThirdWire\Strike Fighters2 korea PilotDataDirectory=PilotData NetCacheDirectory=NetCache [System] InputManagerDLL=DirectInput.dll SoundManagerDLL=DirectSound.dll DisplayManagerDLL=DisplayManagerDX10.dll TextManagerDLL=TextUSEnglish.dll MenuSystemDLL=MenuSystem.dll GraphicsEngineDLL=GraphicsEngineDX10.dll TerrainEngineDLL=TerrainEngine.dll FlightEngineDLL=FlightEngine.dll ObjectManagerDLL=ObjectManager.dll ViewManagerDLL=ViewManager.dll ControlMapDLL=ControlMap.dll ParticleSystemDLL=ParticleSystem.dll EnvironmentSystemDLL=EnvironmentSystem.dll WorldManagerDLL=WorldManager.dll MissionManagerDLL=MissionManager.dll MessageSystemDLL=MessageSystem.dll SpeechSystemDLL=SpeechSystem.dll FaderDLL=Fader.dll NetworkLayerDLL= [Options] OptionsFile=Options.ini [MenuSystem] InitFile=MenuSystem.ini DataFile=MenuData.cat TextFile=MenuText.cat [FlightEngine] InitFile=FlightEngine.ini DataFile=FlightData.cat TextFile=FlightText.cat [Objects] DataFile=ObjectData.cat InitFile=ObjectList.ini [MissionManager] InitFile=MissionControlList.ini DataFile=MissionData.cat TextFile=MissionText.cat PilotListFile=PilotList.ini [Speech] DataFile=Speech.cat TextFile=SpeechText.cat [Module] ModuleDataFile=ModuleVietnam.cat DefaultTerrainData=VietnamSEA DefaultAircraft=F-4E_72 MODS [Pilot] LastName=Pilot FirstName=Russ Callsign=Phantom Service=USAF [Options] Section=1 [GameplayOptions] MissionStart=0 CockpitView=1 DisplayUnit=0 EnemySkill=1 Simulation=1 FlightModel=1 WeaponEffectiveness=1 Avionics=1 Targeting=1 HUDDisplay=1 Landing=1 Collision=1 Blackout=1 AmmoUsage=1 FuelUsage=1 [GraphicsOptions] DisplayDeviceID=0 DisplayWidth=1280 DisplayHeight=800 DisplayDepth=32 AspectRatio=1.600000 AntiAliasing=2 ForceDX9=FALSE ForceVSyncOff=FALSE Use32BitZBuffer=TRUE LensFlare=0 DetailLevel=4 ObjectDetail=2 ObjectTexture=2 CockpitTexture=2 CockpitMirrors=1 CockpitReflection=1 EffectsDetail=2 TerrainDetail=2 TerrainTexture=2 HorizonDistance=2 GroundObjectDensity=2 WaterDetail=2 CloudsDetail=2 Shadow=0 ObjectsFade=TRUE [SoundOptions] SoundVolume=100 SpeechVolume=100 MusicVolume=75 NumChannels=16 ReverseStereo=0 SpeechSubtitles=1 [ControlOptions] ControlMap=Default.INI Sensitivity=75 DeadZone=20 ForceFeedback=1 ForceFeedbackGain=100 TrackIR=1 [MultiplayerOptions] LobbyLaunched=FALSE [MiscOptions] HUDDisplay=1 ForceAIPilot=FALSE [InstantAction] AircraftType=F-86E-10 MissionMap=Korea3 StartTime=15:30:00 StartDate=09/18/1951 StartTimeDeviation=120 TextureSet=0 NationalMarking=0 SquadronMarking=0 AircraftNumber=0 KillMarking=0 [SingleMission] AircraftType=AU-1 Service=USMC MissionMap=KOREA3 MissionType=STRIKE MissionTime=RANDOM MissionWeather=RANDOM AirActivity=RANDOM AirDefenseActivity=RANDOM FlyAll=FALSE LoadMission=FALSE LoadMissionFilename= MissionDate=1952 StartYear=1950 EndYear=1955 EditMission=FALSE [Campaign] CampaignName= PlayerService=USAF PlayerUnit= AircraftType=F-4E_72 Difficulty=NORMAL Length=NORMAL AircraftSupply=NORMAL WeaponSupply=NORMAL LoadCampaign=FALSE CampaignSavename=DefaultCampaignSave [Multiplayer] Connection=0 PlayerColor=0 SessionType=0 GameType=0 Password=MyPassword MaxPlayers=8 IPAddress= [DogfightHost] MissionMap=VietnamSEA MissionDate=09/18/1968 Loadout=0 StartTime=10:30:00 StartTimeDeviation=240 RespawnTime=60 RespawnDistance=4000.000000 MinHeight=5000.000000 MaxHeight=12000.000000 HeightDeviation=5000.000000 ContrailAlt=7000.000000 ScreenshotsDelay=60 StartYear=1964 EndYear=1972 WeatherType=SCATTERED [DogfightPlayer] AircraftType=F-4E_72 TextureSet=DefaultTextureSet PlayerService=USAF Squadron=DefaultTextureSet [CoopMission] MissionMap=VietnamSEA MissionDate=09/18/1968 ContrailAlt=7000.000000 Service1=USAF Service2=NVietnam Mission1=SWEEP AircraftType1=F-4E_72 AircraftType2=F-4E_72 AircraftType3=MiG-17F AircraftType4=MiG-17F ScreenshotsDelay=60 StartYear=0 EndYear=0 WeatherType=SCATTERED [MotionExporter] ExporterDLL= [Mods] ModsEnabled=TRUE Directory=C:\Users\Russ\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea Editors=StrikeFighters2 [ScreenShots] Directory=C:\Users\Russ\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\ScreenShots Format=JPG

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