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  1. A Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Roel and all the best in the coming year
  2. OOKKK found it when digging throught some old CD's..now to get the whoule package back in..it was good before
  3. HI I've been trying to find the SF2V Expansion Pack v. 2.1 (Mar. 2010) ..Looked through all I've come across is version 2.0 updates and an update for the Gold Expansion,,,any help is appreciated as to hoe to get the expansion pack and what exactly do i need to download..Got a gull merged SF2 with Korea installed and want to get my Vietnam theater modded a bit,,,,Thanks
  4. EAWPRO X-Mas upgrade

    Damn VB looks good!! thanks
  5. European Air War HD

    Sky High Here's the link http://www.thatoneplease.co/Tally-Ho/BAdder.html
  6. European Air War HD

    BOB found one on Mark's site http://www.mediafire.com/file/kx03u1t9su31q5d/SecretWeaponsOfTheLuftwaffe-SWOTL.zip/file
  7. European Air War HD

    hopefully Jelly will stop in..He usually has the link in his signature,,but it's not there now
  8. European Air War HD

    Yep love that one'''It's also in a modded version of 1.29..Think i got it from Jellys site
  9. European Air War HD

    Here Bob..just click on BlackAders campaigns It will bring you to his page..not sure what it adds though http://www.thatoneplease.co/Tally-Ho/home2.html http://www.thatoneplease.co/Tally-Ho/BAdder.html
  10. European Air War HD

    The question is this a true older EAW???.Seems like some kind of patch that goes in over EAW...With no supporting documentation from the author it would really be crazy to use it ,,maybe for the curiosity value ,,but I won't be a guinea..To me as far retro I'm willing to go is a vanilla 1.2 ..don't want to test something from an unknown modder who offers no support docs for his work..I'll stick by the offical versions and mods from trusted modders..
  11. Missing parachutist

    OK Managed to take a fly and started shooting at my own B-17's Hit two and saw a few chutes come out ..I suck at screen shots but took one with my P-51 fireing nice tracers but can't seem to post it....suffering through a failing drive and things are a bit buggered here until the 3rd when I can grab a new drive from amazon.. I got stuff all over two drives and no sense doing freah installs until i get the drive in Thats why I'm glad you have all the stuff on your site ..Might have to reformat the drive I have my sims on along with the new one..,,,but I can say I hit two and saw 3 or 4 chutes in passing over them..
  12. Missing parachutist

    Might be a few days Mark got a bit of a buggered machine until I replace a hard drive
  13. Missing parachutist

    Good Show Mark Thanks
  14. Missing parachutist

    Thanks M8 I'll grab it and shoot up a few of my own bombers and see what they look like
  15. EAWPRO's Hires Effects

    Interesting post Vb..I understand only a bit but the picture makes it a bit understandable

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