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  1. EAW devellopment needs help

    I agree with Mark seems too much of a coinstance to me..TBH I run both EAW versions and appreciate the work from all modders and wish all would just let it all go..I get along with all parties and hope it stays that way
  2. new impact animations

    Sure hate to be where those bombs are landing
  3. EAW160 Promo thtread at SHQ

    Damn Fine Jelly love seeing my Corsairs rough and ready...and going to kick butt
  4. Trail fix for Glide mode

    Great screenshots VB..Thanks for letting me help a bit..
  5. EAWPRO's ''Buggy'' 3D shadows

    I figure the shadows aren't what I would call a bug.A bug is something that messes up game play..I really don't worry over the shadows ,trees or whatever ..I fly different versions of EAW for different reason ..Some versions offer different features and I fly the ones I choose to Seems most guys do air starts and the shadows aren't an issue.I usually do ground starts but always from a cockpit view,,some times toggling the cockpit off and never noticed the shadows ans frankly don't care about them...Or the trees and water If I want top notch graphics I fly IL-2 1946
  6. Modding Terrains

    Thanks Mig Buster,,Went by what I knew from Adding mods to SF2 and got the terrain changed..Created a Terrains folder in the proper place and set it all up..
  7. EAWPRO's ''Buggy'' 3D shadows

    Decided to check things out guess it depends on the view point these look OK
  8. Hi trying to get started adding some mods and a bit confused ..Some read me say copy to the Verdun, Cambrai, Flanders and Vogesen):I'm trying to install Jan Tumas seasonal tiles..I'm a bit familiar with modding SF2 and went into my C:\user]\Saved games\third wire folder and there's no terrains folder there..Do I just create one and put the things in there says the same "copy the two .ini files to your Terrain/wwiVerdun/ folder" there aren't these two folders except in the main game and they are .cat files ..Also can't find Edwards Verdun terrains any where .. Thanks for any help
  9. EAWPRO's ''Buggy'' 3D shadows

    Yep eye on the target at all times..And doing ground starts I always stay inside the cockpit and in the air just use the cockpit or no cockpit view
  10. EAWPRO's ''Buggy'' 3D shadows

    WOW there's shadows in EAW?? Never noticed
  11. EAW's greatest short coming

    VB Getting 55-60 from in the clouds to 50 feet off the deck but to clarify I'm not using the windower gave up on it..with a 24 inch screen can't see giving up the real estate..Just went to mark's site and downloaded some screens and found the ones who looked best and changes to my ini i do manually because the stick setup screen is tought to read
  12. How do framerates work?

    VB Pretty sure most folks would like higher frame rates for a smoother flight..I don't require a ton of planes around just enough to fight ..As you have said in the past a lot of guys don't have the latest and I figure they would appreciate anything that makes it smoother...I far from knowledgeable but using FPAPS I see down in the 20's FPS but the flight is smooth as glass and then for no apparent reason it might jump to 50with no change in views or the amount of action..I've a fairly fair setup running in Win 7..I've found in some other sims notably CFS2 and 3 if you hop to an exterior view right away track your camera around the plane it gets smoother..I think it might load the terrain textures into memory..might be time to revisit my graphic settings and see what changes accomplish and of course turn off the global 2 x AA I rather fly smooth than look good
  13. Let's see how this goes

    Rock on brother There are still some who see the pettiness of it all and refuse to be lemmings and follow blindly..So lets just forget it all and fly our Old girl
  14. OK,,Managed to figure it out by opening the korea ini along side the Pacific one and the issue was here..The directory line was blank copied over the Korea one and changed it to WW2Pacific and now it's working fine,, [Mods] ModsEnabled=TRUE Directory=C:\Users\Russ\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 WW2Pacific Editors=StrikeFighters2

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