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  1. Stuck. EAW on windows 7

    S... I know what it is but it is a good fly at least try it out if you don't like it it stuff it
  2. Stuck. EAW on windows 7

    sebaspons..I understand the frustration,,I'm a long time EAW flyer and all of a sudden I find I'm getting an "error 0xc0000142" when trying to fly EAWPRO and even with a 1.2 or other version..It isn't an EAW problem but something system wide here Tried all the online fixes and nothing works...Might be a windows update that's messing things up..Today testing a set up on my second machine a lap top to see if it runs..Luckily I have installs of Aces over Europe ,,EAW 1.29 and 1.60 that run OK,,You can try this it's a EAW Aces Over Europe a modded EAW by moggy and is good..Easy install download and unzip https://www.moddb.com/games/aces-over-europe/downloads/aces-over-europe
  3. Stuck. EAW on windows 7

    Procedure is 1>0Copy the files off the cd to a folder,,I named mine EAW 2..Don't run it 3..Apply your preferred patch 1.2 is fine.. 4.. Apply the PRO patch REBOOT Then try it
  4. EAWPRO new runway calculation

    Hey VB Now that's a proper formation..Good Show!!!!
  5. Selecting Heavies in EAWPRO

    Thank you for the advice M8..It's something I've never explored before but will attempt to get up to speed on it,,Really looking forward to flying a Stuka !!!
  6. More visible AI changes in EAWPRO

    Looks pretty good VB...Rock on!!
  7. Frame Rate Utilities

    I've found frame rate counters are good only to establish a base FPS value and then when making changes see how much the value changes..And then decide if the change is worth it..The best frame rate counter is take a fly and determine if it's fluid enough without hiccups and lag to be a good flight..I have fraps and for me it's just a tool for when I make changes in my video settings to see if it drops a lot of FPS,,In IL-2 they have tracks i use "The Black Death"Track and an in game counter,,It gives min,,max and average FPS..So if I go in and adjust AA or graphic detail levels I see the impact..Any thing over 30 fps or so is smooth maybe an occasional jitter,,But at least I'm getting 55-60 FPS in perfect mode and in EAW about the samre mid 50'--60 using glide ,,D#D is all over the place
  8. Menu Parameter Selection Fix

    VB works great here on Win 7 Pro 64 I can easily make mission selections big difference in setting up missions now
  9. Advanced AI maneuvering

    Everything makes sense to me VB...One question about your post " Now you can fly missions in which you must try and remain with your escort " I always thought it was the escorts to remain with the bombers ,,Don't think a B-17 can keep up with a P-51,,didn't the Germans have problems with pilots who preferred to free hunt to clear a path and those who wanted them to stay tight with the bomber formations
  10. Advanced AI maneuvering

    Can't grasp it all VB But it seems to make a more challenging bomber intercept..
  11. EAWPRO gear fix

    Looks like an improvement in the realism factor Good Show VB
  12. More visible AI changes in EAWPRO

    Thanks Vb just what I wanted to accomplish watch the battle and see how it all unfolds naturally from a safe distance and when you release your work I can see the changes
  13. More visible AI changes in EAWPRO

    VB Seems you could set your AI wing men to attack bombers and then the bombers will be fighting back after their bomb runs and you could sit back and watch the show ???
  14. More visible AI changes in EAWPRO

    Sounds like something good VB..Sounds like a good change to the game
  15. EAWPRO cockpit gunflash activated

    Makes plenty of sense to me Mark after all It's just a game and it a nice touch to the old Girl

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