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  1. Getting Started

    OK..Got it in and working..Takes awhile but I'm learning by reading through the forums and a bit of help from the members here..Thanks
  2. Getting Started

    Thank you Wrench I was looking in documents the wrong place..Yes in my post I quoted from the read me " copy the contents of this folder BOTH to your wwiVerdun and wwiCambrai folders! " " I went to my documents /My games..wrong place to look,,,,.Found it now ,,Just not used to adding mods...I should have caught it from when I was adding things to SF2 and knew where to go
  3. Getting Started

    Ok Don't know how to delete the previous post but reading the forums I found out I already have Verdun in FE2..So I down loaded Stock terrains upgrade pack..The read me says BASEPACK -holds all the seasonal reworked ground textures in their sub-directories and tod (trees and buildings) files, copy the contents of this folder BOTH to your wwiVerdun and wwiCambrai folders! (I've tried pointing the Cambrai ini to use the Verdun textures, but ran into heavy I went to my terrains folder and all thjat's there are two cat files..So I checked in my docs third wire and nothing there ..I tried running it and went to see if it created a file in my docs folder..Nothing,,At a total loss as how to proceed..My eyes are going crossed from all the reading but it's how you learn ,,,,,As always any help is appreciated
  4. Getting Started

    I just went through 40 pages looking for a Verdun terrain..This is mentioned in the first post but the link is dead,,,,I just want to improve on the stock terrain as a start but can't find any thing,,,I appreciate any help
  5. Downloads for First Eagles ???

    Thanks VonS,,,I've got the base FE2 up and running great..Tomorrow I'l grab some terrains and try them out..When I start putting mods in sims I always make a quick backup before so if something goes amiss I have a fallback install,,Actually I have both FE 1 and 2 installed..Got to do some reading here so I can tweak it a bit
  6. Downloads for First Eagles ???

    Thank you Geezer..going to give it a shot..
  7. Hi Went to the First Eagles download page and they are just listed as First Eagles will they work with First Eagles 2 ?? I can't tell what version they are for...Thank you for any help..Started flying Red Baron 3d a month ago and got the WWI bug and grabbed FE and would like to add some mods
  8. SF2 Korea Terrain (V3)

    Outstanding mod for SF2 ..It's a joy to fly and the only reason i have a full merged SF2 install
  9. Thank you Wrench,,I have SF2 with Korea added in,,But my video card died and I'm using the onboard video,,,Just ordered a new one from Amazon,,,The integrated graphis chip stinks...
  10. Just downloaded the Korea all in on theater for SFP1 Got the patch and weapons pack but can't figure out what Korea terrain to use..I know the terrain for SFP2 won't work..Could some one help get what I neeed,,,Thanks
  11. What the hell is wrong with me?

    I'm an older gamer which it appears I'm not alone,,,,I Still Fly CFS 1 and CFS 2 along with EAW,,Ginship!and Janes WWII Fighters I still have the Mod cd's to dress that puppy up.. Guess the newest sims I have is Il-2 with the BAT mod,And a modded SF2 ,Like it's said today's sims ain't got the same soul So I'm happy in my time caspule
  12. I just want to express my thanks to who ever straightened out my account,,i lost my password on an HD replacement and tried to get aanew one but it wouldn't let me log on,,I finally saw my user name was listed as JG51Ruski instead of rwatson ,,sent a quick email and it was corrected in no time,,,Just finished putting in Korea and all is flying sweet..thanks
  13. EAW 1.28C release

    If you head over to SimHQ and find any post by Mr.Jelly he has links at the bottom to different versions of EAW that have those two theaters the latest is 1.50 but 1.40 also has them..Better yet read the next 4 posts down Jel has the links and some very informative screens there
  14. Been away a bit but flying again...Yes I read the read me and it's just credits to the contributors I've tried a few things but the range won't show in the mission map selection...I'll keep trying,,got to learn how to hit ground tgt's.

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