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  1. Just had a mission over Iceland in an A-7 at lowish level and the autopilot flew with a regular cycle of dive, then airbrakes out, pitch upwards and dive again. Almost made me seasick on time compression. Any way to fix this? cheers smith
  2. Good sale - a rarity! I picked up Expansion 1 - the only one I didn't have.
  3. Just experienced this (and other frustrations with the mission editor). Edited a strike mission to replace Russian task force with a tanker convoy for some easy target practice for A7. When I started the mission there were three Nimitz carriers on top of each other. The ME had also assigned my strike target to a warehouse instead of the convoy (I had no other targets than the convoy in the mission). On top of that my walleyes wouldn't hit the target. Came in at 10K feet, slight dive 4nm out, selected tanker as target and locked it, weapons release, nothing. Gave orders to wingy to attack my target, he went down to zero feet, called bombs gone, no result and then made gun passes on the tanker. Stuffed if I know which is operator error and which are bugs.
  4. Hi all - Did SF2 NA not ship with any single missions? Just starting to play around with it and wondering if there are any 'proper' single missions, or if I need to whip up my own using the editor?
  5. Jagged it! First flight in the A7 and made a successful landing back on the carrier! Came in a bit low and struggled to see the flight deck, but snagged a wire first go! Top fun! Smith
  6. Hi all - the 'last' page in most forums seems to go back to only a few months ago and i'd like to browse much older threads. Is there a way to change the number and age of threads displayed please?
  7. Not sure whether its related, but I had a problem after the update where i could only select an F100D and all my careers were gone. I had to do a total uninstall and reinstall (a long process).
  8. Hi all - been playing an F100 Rolling Thunder Campaign. I got a mission to hit a bridge. On the ingress I got messages that other packages had hit the bridge. When I got to the target, the bridge was partially down. Mine and my wingman's attacks with bombs failed to bring down the last span, but the rest of the bridge was in the water. The red diamond on the main target of the bridge was still active as we flew away. On return, got a mission incomplete, aborted message. Does every element of the target (in this case a bridge) have to be down, or is the success based on the percentage of bombs that hit the target? Thanks in advance for replies. smith
  9. Ah, that makes sense, thanks.
  10. My wingy got brassed up on an airfield attack - Rolling Thunder 1965.
  11. I am worried about pressing this button in my Hun cockpit...
  12. CA Archives/

    That was it! Thanks for the help.
  13. First post here I think and nothing fancy - recently picked up all the bits of the sim save Vietnam, and am getting to grips with it. Enjoyable. Here's some screens from some training missions done by BeachAV8R and a single mission involving a pair of Skyhawks flying armed reconn.
  14. Quick question - just bought SF2 and Europe and the Expansion Pack 2 yesterday - if I bought them after the May 2011 updates, I don't need to install the updates as well (ie the original games are up to date)? When I installed the SF2, SF2E and Exp Pack 2, each shows May 2011 on the menu screen. thanks smith
  15. Cheers ruggbutt - just wanted to say I'm a fan of your AARs over at Black Sheep. They inspired me to fly more Lomac and post up a screenshot series over at SimHQ that got a bit of interest. I directed people to your stuff as the real deal, so hopefully you'll have some more people appreciating your excellent AARs (/brown-nosing mode off). cheers smith
  16. Chaps, I solved this 2D looking cloud problem quite simply - check out this thread - it may work for you. http://www.simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/...986#Post2526986 smith

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