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  1. Your first combat flight sim...

    Hi! My history: 1.A-10cuba (great) 2.F-18 Hornet Korea (great) AND NEXT-> JANES F-15 it's was so great, atmosphere was great!! I hope that we get new F-15E sim some day..
  2. Looks great What mods u use and how i can get that kind of graphics in my SF2I and SF2E -haukka81
  3. I have those white flashes too Shader bug ? tanks + sun = white flash -haukka81
  4. No, you cant hear it,but you will feel it..or i may be wrong
  5. I have SF2E vanilla and SF2 + SF2V + SF2E + SF2I merged install's , and F15A center of gravity is weird in both I must take screen shot next time and post it to the thirdwire forums.
  6. And F-15A center of gravity is way too back, now you can keep nose wheel up when landing..even at 0kts
  7. Yes. Vista or Windows 7 (it's great) SF2 Israel runs with advanded shaders (DX10) default on vista or win7, It'runs so smooth with my 4850 Nvidia cards have some stutter broblems but it will be fixed.
  8. Not yet, i have been playing campains in my SF2 + SF2V +SF2E +SF2I merged install. Runs so good, unlimited settings and 1920x1080 4xaa & 4xaf (35-60fps, v-sync forced on) My rig: Intel core 2 duao e8400 (overcloked 3,6ghz) 4g 800mhz DDR2 Ati 4850 512mb
  9. Ok, thanks for quik answers. I never ever know that Will Nato fighters 4+ ever get fixed for Merged install ?? I get better FPS with advanded shaders in SF2Israel. SF2Europe is just too slow
  10. Ok, it's clear now. And what about those outter pylons? I never know that F-15C has more than two wing pylons ?? And possibility to carry hevy Agm-88Harms on them feels bit weird or unreal.
  11. I vote for advance shaders fix for merged install.
  12. Israel Aircraft Industries Kfir C2 , Mission: day time strike to beirut
  13. Win7 and 4850 here, smooth as silk. All settings high or unlimited

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