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  1. i'd call you are wrong there. there is nothing sour and everything is going by the grand plan if you get what i mean - smoke and mirrors. i sometimes envy the american public, i really do... :) regarding the pilots, there are many reports on the news outlets that both are found and rescued etc. since the event occured yesterday however none of these reports are verified so far.
  2. no official report so far except that sar is going on. if i have to bet , i'd bet on an israeli sub picking em up - wouldn't be that unusual around here...
  3. flight of the intruder.. well somewhat gorilla
  4. 10 Years with Combat Ace

    happy anniversary and i wish CA many more 10years, thanks all!
  5. having a go at operation darius + sarcasm v1.2 - my first ever screenshot post so
  6. even if things really do go south <i doubt, and hope not> the downfall would take quite a while imho, it's not like any of the sf titles are hideous or anything - heck even eaw is still modded today. otoh just for the record, there already is a sim which has been looking for community driven theaters, skins and 3d model since september 2011, along with many others. heck it doesn't even have to be a flight sim as long as it's moddable modders can always find another base easily...
  7. God DAMN!


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