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  1. Armchair Aces 1917 1.2 for FE1

    Solved! Thank you Gentleman!
  2. Armchair Aces 1917 1.2 for FE1

    Hi Crawford. Her´s what i have: [AircraftData] AircraftFullName=Albatros D.III 170hp AircraftShortName=Albatros D.III 170 AircraftDataFile=AlbatrosD3_170_data.ini CockpitDataFile=AlbatrosD3_cockpit.ini HangarScreen=AlbatrosD3_hangar.bmp LoadoutFile=AlbatrosD3_loadout.ini LoadingScreen=AlbatrosD3_Loading.bmp [LOD001] Filename=AlbatrosD3.LOD Distance=50 [LOD002] Filename=AlbatrosD3_LOD2.lod Distance=100 [LOD003] Filename=AlbatrosD3_LOD3.lod Distance=250 [LOD004] Filename=AlbatrosD3_LOD4.lod Distance=1000 [LOD005] Filename=AlbatrosD3_LOD5.lod Distance=8000 [DamageTexture] DamagedPostFix=_holes.tga [Shadow] CastShadow=TRUE ShadowCastDist=10000 MaxVisibleDistance=800
  3. Armchair Aces 1917 1.2 for FE1

    Hui. No there aren´t.
  4. Armchair Aces 1917 1.2 for FE1

    I mean the planes are not displaying any paint schemes. For instance the Albatroz DIII 170 HP:
  5. Hi dear friends. I´ve just got this campaign and loading the German aircraft made for FE 1 it seems there are no skins available. How can i fix this? Thank you all FE community.
  6. Swiss 05/1940 MS406 and Me B109E3 being worked on

    Wo would say they fought alonside each other!?
  7. H 75 A3s and brand new A4s being serviced June 1940

    Marvelously detailed
  8. Swiss 04/06/1940 Bf109 E3 against Bf110 C1

    Nice pics this short battle is quite unknown
  9. Looking for planes Vosges 2.0

  10. Hi there friends. Could somebody provide me links for download the following planes: CaudronG4 RumplerC1 Nieuport10 Nieuport11 Nieuport12 Voisin3_150 Voisin5 AlbatrosC3 AviatikC2 FokkerEIIIa FokkerD2 AviatikC2 Dfwci Walfisch LloydC2 It´s for playing Vosges 2.0 campaign. Thanks and all the best!
  11. Handley Page 400

    Jesus thanks! Yeah i noted that register stuff and avoided it precisely for the same reason. I find it a bit weird...the campaign i wonna play is Blue Max and i eally need that bird. It´s Blue Max fella.
  12. Handley Page 400

    Hi frends newbie here. I´m looking for this plane. Any hepls? thanks!
  13. Walfisch!

    This mod was made with love for vintage aviation.
  14. Walfisch!

    Meanwhile i figure out what was wrong with DX9 mod im my games. Just needed to disable Dual Pass Render...

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